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We guarantee that you will never be devalued or penalized by Google when you use our digital marketing strategy to build your brand online. At Foxtail Marketing, you can make your business more relevant online without fear of becoming obsolete.

Are You Ready for More Leads? We focus on helping Business 2 Business companies that need to generate qualified leads. We do this by using a holistic digital marketing approach. We don’t believe that SEO, PPC, Social Media or Content Marketing is the silver bullet. Nor do we believe that they can work in a vacuum. We utilize all of these mediums to produce the best results for our clients.

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Your greatest source of revenues lies in the nurturing of your leads and in the nurturing of your current customers. We’ll optimize both of those actions for you and will guarantee results.

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We work with our clients to show them the answers to all of these questions:

  • What happens to the leads and contacts that don’t make it to the bottom of your sales funnel?
  • How do you replicate the times where leads come back to you after 6 months and are now ready to buy?
  • How do I turn our current customer base into our main source of revenue?
  • What’s the difference between a $2 million dollar company and a $200 million dollar company?

By utilizing our techniques, we’re consistently able to optimize the lead generation, lead handling, and lead nurturing of our clients.

Most of our clients see a 30% to 40% increase in revenues over a 12 month period without spending an additional penny on outbound advertising.

Your greatest source of revenues lies in the nurturing of your leads and in the nurturing of your current customers. We’ll optimize both of those actions for you and will guarantee results.

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How Foxtail Marketing Can Help

At Foxtail Marketing, we provide a different way to market. Our promise to you is that we will craft engaging and converting content. We will distribute that content to produce optimal leads. We will manage all lead and prospect nurturing. And finally, but most importantly, we will help you generate more revenues while costing you less money.
Not only will your brand be strengthened through every conversion, click, and download, but you will finally have a firm that is as invested in your results as you are.

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Below are 6 different services we utilize in order to produce results:

Top content marketing results

Content Marketing

eBooks, Webinars, Newsletters, Blogs, Infographics, Case Studies, & More

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Top Social Engagement Strategies

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising, PPC, Social Media PPC, Remarketing, and Display Networks

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Search Engine Optimization

Custom Content Creation, Organic Link Building, and Onsite Optimizations

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Conversion Optimization

Sales Optimizations, Calls to Action, Inbound Marketing Messaging, and Drip Campaigns

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Content Marketing strategies

Web Design

Graphic Design, Mobile Optimization, and Messaging

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Best Content Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing

Follower Growth and Engagement, Content Promotion, and Targeted Traffic Growth

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A Better Way to Market

In many cases we do have to institute changes to certain systems and processes. But in many cases, by utilizing what’s already available, we’re able to produce results for our clients on a scale they didn’t think was possible.

Our solutions not only create more leads and revenues right away, they also allow for better forecasting and modeling. Through rigorous analysis and the use of advanced metrics, we enable our clients to forecast their quarterly and yearly revenues in a much more efficient manner.

Now, before you decide that this kind of a marketing approach is your solution, you need to change the way you think about digital marketing. We are very selective about who we partner with, because we want to make sure that you are ready for what we have to offer.

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If you are serious about really optimizing your entire brand online, you need to embrace these ideas:

  1. Forget about cheap SEO tricks… They just won’t work.
  2. You refuse to focus on keywords rankings and instead want to see traffic.
  3. Acknowledge up-front that this will take some time to accomplish.
  4. Understand that the digital world moves fast, and you need to move faster.
  5. Recognize that your online brand is the face of your company. Invest in it like you would any other marketing medium.
  6. Be willing to give away your knowledge freely. Your clients and customers deserve it and the will thank you with their patronage.


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