Don’t Forget To Add a Call To Action in Your Digital Marketing Efforts


Many businesses forget to add an essential component to their digital marketing strategy. A call-to-action (CTA) button is much more than a typical website link. It’s the last link between potential clients and your business.

Here’s how a recent Business 2 Community article explains the purpose of CTA:

“A CTA is a button, image, or text link that encourages visitors to take an action after visiting your website. Usually that’s to sign up for a special report, attend a webinar, or purchase a product. The actual words you use here are very important. Lose the clever phrasing and in-jokes when creating your CTAs. Be clear, to the point, and use good action verbs. For example, Click Here or Sign Up Today.”

Essentially it’s your chance to invite businesses to take a closer look at your company. After you’re done informing businesses about your product, service, or general industry, it’s wise to nudge them in the right direction with a CTA link.

There are several different ways of going about this. Like the quote above mentions, it’s best to keep it simple. Many companies make the mistake of using a promotional tone in their CTA. At this point, you’re not trying to persuade or convince. You just want to make it easy for businesses to sign up or contact you.

Think about a CTA that really got your attention. An effective version now is to trigger a CTA message after someone spends a certain amount of time on your website. This assumes that they’ve been reading about your business and are already interested. The CTA comes in at the perfect time to help them take the next step.

And now it’s time for a short demonstration:

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