3 simple tips for optimizing your website for SEO

SEO is going to be a fun ride in 2014.  Last year brought us two major penguin crawls that shook the search engine landscape like an earthquake.  It also introduced us to Hummingbird, an entirely new engine for Google.  But your SEO optimization doesn’t have to fluctuate with each passing update.  There are some tried and true methods that will help you no matter what is going on in the search rankings.  Here are three easy tips:

1. Content

Start now.  You need to be creating engaging content for your customers.  If you want to start with a blog, that’s fine.  In fact, it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to start a content marketing campaign.  But what about your other pages?  Well, the blog is great for fresh content, but you also need engaging content on every page of your site.  If you built the site, then spend the time required to go over each page and make sure that the content is contextual and engaging.  If you didn’t build the site, then get with your web developer and have them help you with this.  Remember, at least 300 words of engaging and contextual content on every page.


2. Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Matt Cutts has stated that your meta descriptions and titles should be unique for every page.  Don’t just copy and paste the same description across all pages (yes, this is done a LOT!).  A great tool to help you with this is the Yoast plugin for WordPress.  It helps you write your meta titles and descriptions.  Meta information doesn’t really help your rankings, but if you do it wrong, it will surely hurt you.  So, this is more of a preventative measure than a rankings booster.


3. Images and Alt Tags

People like images.  But guess who else likes images?  Google!  Of course, they can’t actually see what’s in the image with their bots.  But they like knowing they’re there and that they’re optimized.  So, ensure that you have an image on every page and that the image is optimized with the proper alt tag.  This will give your website an esthetically pleasing look while also helping with the SERPS.


Well, there you have it.  The quick and easy tips for your Onsite SEO optimization.

Mike Templeman

About Mike Templeman

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