3 Steps To Building Successful Business Relationships

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Katie Holland is the President at Corporate Alliance, a company that specializes in helping business leaders build professional, real relationships that produce lasting benefits. Holland spoke at the Salt Lake Business Conference on May 11, 2016 about the importance of building strong relationships in business.

A relationship, whether good or bad, is what drives the success of business with another person. Business is about relationships. It’s that simple. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get passed the surface level of a business relationship.

Holland suggests that there are three keys to building successful business relationships.  With these three steps you can begin to yield return on investment not only financially but professionally and personally as well.

1. Have an Open Mindset

Every opportunity you have with someone is a root in a relationship. Do no not disregard a person’s comment or action because you simply don’t know them well. There may be wisdom for you in something they say or do.


2. Avoid Relationship Arrogance

Do NOT think about what’s in it for you! Keep an open mind and never assume that you know the person before you’ve actually had time to get to know them.


3. Learn, Serve, Grow

Listen more than you talk! Have a service oriented approach in thinking how you can help. You will find that when you focus on bringing success to another person you personally will have more success than if you were to only focus on your own agenda.

In order to be successful in any business you must make building relationships a priority! These three steps will help you to make your connections stronger so that you may begin reap the benefits of a successful business relationship.


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