4 Compelling Reasons to Add Video Strategies into Your 2015 Online Marketing Plan

3341867340_478f9b8c49_zIt’s said that 74% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2017. That in itself should persuade any business to leverage this strategy in their marketing to increase their reach and influence.

Videos have a powerful way of connecting your target audience to your message that is missed in written content. Video marketing provides numerous benefits while at the same time increases your online presence and an awareness of your brand. The average user spends more time digesting videos on the web than any other activity. It’s time to make your video presence known.

Below are four striking reasons to help you consider or improve your video presence in your online marketing strategy.

#1 Quickly Builds Trust

Unlike text content, videos express the real, authentic you. This provides you a more effective medium to gain the trust of your viewers and potential customers.  Video allows you the ability to position yourself and your product prior to selling your product to customers. Sharing valuable info geared towards solving a specific problem in the marketplace quickly builds trust and loyalty.

#2 Improves Engagement

Video gives you the opportunity to draw people in through stories, entertaining content, and educational messages. As a social tool, it has the potential of going viral, bringing massive exposure to your brand.

#3 Highly Influential

More people are apt to follow your call to action at the end of your video particularly when you’re providing value throughout. Therefore leads, subscribers, and sales can potentially skyrocket as a result of your video marketing. Prior to the dawn of internet a tried and true method of selling oft-ignored products was the “infomercial.” This tool allowed presenters to fill a television time slot and has found major successes over the years. Online video marketing is the new platform to perform the same task.

#4 Content is Everything

You can convert blog post messages and create a short video to repurpose your content and be seen everywhere. Blog posts turned into video can now be viewed on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Slideshare (if you turn it into a PowerPoint), and back on your blog. The key here is sharing the same content across multiple platforms to increase visibility.

According to ComScore, 89 million people in the U.S. are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today! Create an online video marketing strategy today so that your videos will be amongst the billions viewed. If you need assistance in creating a plan that meets the needs of your unique business, please contact us here. Here at Foxtail Marketing we are ready to help your company gain the exposure it deserves.

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