4 Facebook Hacks To That Will Make Mark Zuckerberg Drool

social media network  infographics set sketch teen screaming angry clenched her fists

social media network infographics set sketch teen screaming angry clenched her fists

Your Audience Is On Facebook, Are You?

I’ve heard people say that they do not believe that their audience is on Facebook. To be frank, that is complete malarkey. There are 1.65 billion (yes, with a B) people on Facebook every month and over 1 billion of those log into Facebook every day. If your audience isn’t included in the 17% of the world that is on Facebook every day then you’re fooling yourself.

Oh, did I mention that number is only growing larger with some reports suggesting that 5 new profiles are created every second?

So, you’re tired of Facebook not working for your business? Here are 4 Facebook hacks that will boost your engagements, improve your ROI and turn you into a Facebook marketing master.

1: Understand Your Avatar

Think about your customers. Who are they? What do they like? How do they act online? Are they likely to call someone for help, use a chat support or refuse to act if something is confusing? Be specific. The more granular you get, the better.

Having trouble creating your avatar? I’ve got the ultimate hack for you: ask them. Send an email out to a dedicated customer or maybe a friend in the field you’re targeting. Find out what makes them tick and why they became a customer. Their insight will help you define exactly what will set your apart from your competition.

I recently did this with a customer selling SAAS software to the legal industry. While we were creating their avatar we realized that there were actually two: lawyers and paralegals. As we drove down to their individual avatars we realized that we needed to very different campaigns with two very different messages. If we hadn’t done the leg work before launching the campaigns we would have been vastly behind his competition in the digital realm.

2: Know the rules and break them

Think of Facebook as a toolbox. You’re got hundreds of tools at your disposal to reach your avatar. Learn the tools. Master them. Grapple with them. Record data for everything. Read about what’s working for other people. Your audience is not a beautiful snowflake. If it’s working for someone else, it is likely to work for you. Then, once you understand the rules learn to break them.

For example, I saw an advertisement on Facebook a couple of weeks ago that leveraged a carousel style ad as a poll for their audience. The page asked a question about an pain point in his industry and used each card in the carousel as a response. Now, each of those cards also sent people to a unique landing page that had a product geared to the unique situation of the audience.

This ad accomplished three objectives. First, it molded the customer journey to the unique needs of each individual. Second, it provided crucial information about the advertiser’s avatar. Finally, while I cannot verify its success without looking at his data, I am certain he had a high number of marketing qualified customers.

3: Test, Test, Test, Test, Test. Did I mention test?

Let me tell you a secret. The number one reason that people fail marketing on Facebook is they give up.

That’s right. They look at their previous efforts and they determine that they cannot succeed after one of two attempts. They forget that the audience is on Facebook. The convince themselves that they cannot succeed.

So how do you win? Testing.

If your avatar is not working, reevaluate your strategy. Test a different audience. Test a different message. Test a different lead magnet. Reevaluate the context of your marketing. Sometimes industries need to focus on the long game. Sometimes they need to capture people with an interesting piece of content, a blog or free video. Then remarket to those individuals with an opt in piece of content, a whitepaper or an ebook. Then target that email list with a campaign that asking people to talk to a representative. They’ll know your business. They’ll recognize your name. Test the funnel. Refine it. Don’t give up.

4: Track Conversions, Even If You Don’t Optimize For Them

Setting up conversion tracking for Facebook’s new pixel can be a bit tricky, but once it’s in place, it provides you with valuable information on who is completing the funnel for your ad. It also gives you the option to optimize ad delivery to people who are more likely to convert and to set your bid for conversions rather than clicks or impressions.

Even if you determine that optimizing for conversion is not the most effective way for you to gain leads, tracking conversion empowers you to make more educated decisions on what is working for your company and what is failing.

Clicks mean nothing. Clicks ultimately equate into how much you spend for most campaigns objectives. Being able to determine what campaigns and ad sets are generating you the most leads or sales will give you a clear direction to where you should spend your advertising dollars.

Mastering Facebook Campaigns

With any Facebook campaign, the trick is to do what works for your business and to cut out what doesn’t. Sometimes it feels like the beginning of a marketing strategy is like keeping 100 fishing lines in the water and waiting for something

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