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The time has come to adopt social media into your marketing strategies. We know the success LinkedIn can have for B2B companies, but for B2C, Facebook can become your bread and butter. All you need is the right knowledge to implement a successful B2C campaign that can increase your sales and potentially help you climb your corporate ladder. Don’t be the last animal to the watering hole, it’s time to step up your game, and here are the steps you can take to be king of the B2C marketing jungle.

1. Test Several Target Markets

Whatever industry you’re in, there can be several markets that will use your product. Make sure you’ve done research to establish who is your primary, secondary, and tertiary target market. Even then, you may have several markets that are all potential users of your product. Once you know who you’re going after, you need to A/B test different ad campaigns. Create a Facebook campaign using interests and behavior targeting. With Facebook, you can be very specific with your targeting, such as choosing a specific interest, level of income, and purchase behaviors. This specificity will allow you to fine tune your various target’s within your markets.

2. Blog Promotion

After you have your target markets hammered out, you’ll want to start running ads. With your ads, you’ll want to draw in your potential customers at a low cost-per-click. A very successful technique is to run ads promoting some of your best blog posts. I’ve seen campaigns generate enormous amounts of traffic at a cost-per-click that can run 14 cents and lower. This is a great method to bring traffic to your website that show interest in what you have to offer.

3. Retargeting Ads

Your next step is establishing a way to capture the traffic that runs to your website. A Facebook best practice is to have a remarketing pixel uploaded to the header of your website. This will capture the traffic that goes to your website and put them into a list that you can run ads to, on Facebook. Another way, which captures your most interested market, is setting up a Get Drip sign up form where your website visitors can sign up to receive your weekly blogs through email. Once you have your captive audience, run an ad campaign that offers them a landing page with a piece of content for a name and email. When you see the downloads increase, then the magic happens. You have prospects who have been to your website and also downloaded a piece of content!

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4. Email Nurture

Now that you have leads that have downloaded content, the rest is easy. You put the emails through a series of email drip campaigns. Every email can offer them a different product, and depending on which products they purchase, you can filter them into a different cross-selling campaign that offers different products from your company. As an example, a supplement company may offer a different supplement with every email in their campaigns. Studies have shown that for general B2C email campaigns, there is an average 23% open rate. With all the traffic that you’ll be getting from your phenomenal blog promotion, a 23% open rate can skyrocket your sales with a low cost per customer acquisition.

5. Refresh

Your last step is to constantly refresh your campaigns. Some of your ads can eventually become stale and eat up your promotion budget. Establish a length of time that you’ll run specific campaigns, then restart the campaigns with new ad images/copy, blogs, and a fresh piece of content. This will keep your promotion budget at a manageable level and keep new customers dropping into your funnel.
Now it’s time to rock your B2C campaigns. Take these steps and start testing what works for your industry and what doesn’t. You may find that there are small differences between industries, but the principles in general will work. I know because I’ve seen them work first hand. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the success you may have, and if you ever find an additional step that may be very beneficial, shoot us a message and let’s talk about it.

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