A Brief History of the Best Client Ebook of 2015

DemoChimp-Case-StudyA sales associate of an enterprise SaaS company once presented a product demo to the VP of Sales at a prestigious financial institution. The sales associate carefully, and eloquently described the features of the product and the benefits that it offered the financial company. At the end of the demonstration, the VP of Sales thanked the sales associate for the presentation, but not before informing the salesperson that they would like to “loop in the CFO and CEO on the conversation and reconnect at a later date.”

Most sales associates and managers would find this situation typical of their day-to-day routine, but is there a better way to present product demos, qualify sales leads, and ultimately shorten seemingly endless sales cycles? The answer is yes. In 2015, Foxtail Marketing created an Ebook to help DemoChimp promote their software product and expand their market reach to eliminate scenarios like the one introduced above. What follows is a brief history of the best eBook written this year.


The Problem

DemoChimp is a company that offers companies Intelligent Automated Demos (IADs). They customize company demos based on the various prospects sales personnel expect to encounter during the sales cycle. What their customers receive are intensely personalized demos that allow marketing teams to provide sales teams with more qualified leads so that they can spend less time doing demos and more time closing sales. DemoChimp’s problem? Creating product awareness.

Marketing and sales teams across the country know that sales cycles are too long, but often don’t know what to do to shorten them. DemoChimp contacted Foxtail Marketing to create an Ebook that would address the problems with current sales cycles, but also provide marketing and sales professionals with cogent advice on how to change their modus operandi for their betterment.


The Solution

Foxtail Marketing produced the Ebook “The Essential Guide to Shortening Sales Cycles” to help DemoChimp identify and promote their particular value proposition within the sales and marketing space. DemoChimp’s goals were to create a book that could address the major problems with current sales cycles that their software product solved, using an informal and conversational tone and voice.

The Ebook cleverly presents three common scenarios that enterprise sales personnel encounter at various points in the sales cycle. These problems are personalized for readers by the inclusion of three phrases that are (humorously) overheard by countless salespeople—e.g. “I’ll review this ASAP and get back to you.” The Ebook outlines tactics now available to sales and marketing professionals, those that can be used to overcome everyday sales problems and frustrations that take a toll on company time and revenue.


Ebook Performance

It’s a well-known fact that average conversion rates for landing pages and forms sits around 2.35%, and that any page or piece of content converting at over 5% is outperforming 75% of the market. Within just a few months of promoting DemoChimp’s Ebook, Foxtail Marketing recorded an average conversion rate of 22.5%. The Ebook has been downloaded over 300 times in the last 6 months.


The Impact

The Ebook created by Foxtail Marketing for DemoChimp has been wildly successful, and exceeded their initial expectations. The Ebook has been able to illustrate the ways that DemoChimp’s IADs solve real-world problems that B2B sales associates, managers, and company executives deal with regularly.

The success of the Ebook has landed DemoChimp numerous speaking engagements and opportunities, well-attended webinars on shortening sales cycles, and has helped them onboard dozens of new clients. At one point, DemoChimp’s CMO informed Foxtail Marketing that they were “drowning in new leads.”



Before DemoChimp’s Ebook was created, many people and businesses believed in a static sales cycle. The Ebook has revolutionized the way that sales and marketing teams approach their product demonstrations, approach their lead qualification, and spend their time engaging new prospects.

Mike Templeman

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