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Our team of marketers have been working in the B2B industry since the day we launched. Our strategies are unstoppable.

While many of the tactics remain the same when it comes to B2B and B2C SEO, the expected results and overall strategy are wildly different between the two. And because our agency has focused on B2B SEO since our inception, our methods are without peer in the industry.

The fact of the matter is, you cannot approach B2B SEO head on in many cases. The B2B industry always has some big dogs at the top of the food chain that are dominating SEO. These are your Salesforces, Microsofts, Oracles, and others. They make it incredibly hard for anyone else to gain a foothold in the rankings.

However, to make matters even worse, there are also the squatters who are there to sell affiliate leads. These are your Capterras, G2Crowds, and SoftwareAdvice. They clog up the top of the rankings with their massive sites that don’t really help the client, but rather make it more difficult for the very companies they’re featuring in their rankings to get noticed in the search results.

So what is your average B2B company supposed to do? Well, that’s easy. You flank them. You don’t go head to head against these behemoths, instead you go where they’re not and reap all the rewards.

Longtail B2B SEO

Do us a favor. In a separate tab, search “SaaS Marketing Agency”. You’ll notice that we’re number 1. Now, here’s the thing. That keyword only gets 10 to 20 volume per month. However, everyone that searches that keyword has a HIGH buying intent for our specific services. So, because of that, that single keyword is responsible for millions in revenue every year for our agency.

And we use similar tactics for our clients. Instead of Foxtail chasing a massive keyword like “marketing agency” we instead look at our designed target audience and we customize our keywords based on their search habits and their buying needs.

And it works for any industry. If you’re selling consulting services or CRM software, you can get much more specific than those two terms. And the more specific and long-tail (length of a search term) you get, the less competitors you go up against and the lower the chances that you’ll run into one of those aforementioned behemoths.

SEO Doesn’t Take Forever

And the best part of the tactics we utilize is that they don’t take all that long to produce results. And when we talk about results, we don’t mean keyword rankings. Yes, those are a signal of success, but results to us are leads and sales for our clients.

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You probably still have some questions regarding our services. But that’s okay, lots of people do. So, to help out, here are some FAQ’s that we get hit with on a daily basis.


Q. How long does it take to see results?

A. Honestly, it depends on what your definition of results is. Yes, we’ll see keyword rankings going up almost immediately. But those aren’t results to us. We count results as converting organic traffic. Again, not just traffic but converting traffic. And to see that, we like to set a bench mark of 90 days from campaign kickoff before we start seeing those results. But there will be signals all along the way letting us know we’re doing the right things.

Q. Will the Long-Tail strategies you describe above help us with other keywords?

A. Absolutely! You’ll remember that we used the example of the keyword for SaaS marketing agency above. Well, without ever optimizing for the term digital marketing agency, we’ve moved up to the second page in national searches for that term. Again, keyword rankings don’t mean everything. And on a national scale, being on the second page doesn’t provide you with any traffic. But when you include factors like mobile, geo location, social connections, and other ranking factors, it allows us to dominate digital marketing agency in and around our offices around the United States.

Q. Do you provide international B2B SEO services?

A. We do. And in fact, when working internationally, our tactics are even more effective. Fact is, the other indexes are not as competitive as the US search index. Because of that, what works in the US works doubly well abroad.

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