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10 Simple Ways SMS Marketing Improves Leads and Sales

SMS marketing is one of the most efficient way to reach users, with a 90 percent read rate in minutes.  It is by far the best engagement tool of any digital marketing platform to engage your customers, promote sales, and cultivate leads.  In fact, 64% of consumers would prefer to communicate with businesses more often using SMS (Source: Forbes).

Having this strategy in place bolsters your inbound marketing efforts and gives you another outlet to connect with your clients.  If your business is not leveraging SMS marketing, it is time to jump on board and enjoy the benefits. 

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Forget The Game Itself, The Pokémon Go Model Has Changed Marketing Forever

You’ve heard talk or you’ve seen the clumps of mobile-device-porting individuals running around town. You’ve also heard that Pokémon GO has made its creators big money and even made Nintendo’s company value worth $12 billion more than it was two weeks ago.

Unless you’re running around trying to catch a rare, evolved Pokémon, you’re probably sick of it, wondering when these kids will grow up. Here’s the thing—they will grow up and while Pokémon GO won’t always be what it has been for its history-making launch, the Pokémon GO business and technology model makes for a shift in marketing that truly changes the game.

Why Your Business Isn’t Unique

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I know what you’re thinking, but no, your business is not unique. You may have some special solution to some common problem. Or, maybe you have a product that nobody has thought of. You may say that your business is run differently than that of your competitors. Or, you might claim that your customer service sets you apart from other businesses. While all of those circumstances may be true, I promise you in the digital marketing world your business is not unique.

Applying Agile Project Methodology for Client Success

Applying Agile Project Methodology for Client Success

Operating in the Chaos:

Marketing is chaos. It’s literally living in a day-to-day world that is equivalent to that of a crazed hipster who spontaneously jetted to Spain to run with the bulls. Said hipster also made this decision after they had sustained their entire life on a diet of gummy bears and diet coke. Bulls constantly are running at marketers, and they aren’t always prepared for the ever-changing scope of the industry.


Even if we pretend traditional marketing doesn’t exist, the wide variety of digital mediums, platforms, deliverables, projects, designs, etc., etc., is enough to make it entirely too easy to miss a step, or make a simple mistake that derails an entire campaign.


Communication in marketing is one of the most important pieces to ensuring campaigns run smoothly. Internal & external communication are absolutely crucial. Running an agile and transparent campaign with all parties drastically improves results for marketers.

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