“Hey Bro!” Why You Need More Women in Marketing

Why You Need More Women in Marketing

Marketing isn’t a “Mad Men” style industry anymore, and it’s no profound secret that diversity bring success. Many Fortune 500 companies are going as far as instilling quotas for women in business, and gender equality is a prominent topic flailing over many news headlines. However, the ratio of men to women in marketing is still astronomically lower than it should be with women only holding 38.3% of marketing jobs worldwide.

If your marketing agency is running a little heavy on the testerone, here are 5 reasons you should vigorously pursue change.

The Secret Recipe to Creating an Army of Agile Marketers


Trying to get a marketing team to run efficiently without killing their creative drive is often like walking through a mine field. You may have heard words like this flowing around the office, “Listen, Boss man, these adorbz cat memes are totes inspiring my next viral world takeover campaign.” So where is the happy medium? Let your creative teams blossom under the agile methodology.

Agile Marketing is a term that refers to a project management methodology started by developers back in 2001. The agile philosophy is simple, easily implemented, and transforms marketing teams from “The Office” characters into a marketing arsenal.

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