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10 Powerful Event Marketing Stats Every Brand Should Know

Leveraging event marketing in your business strategy is a proven method to growing your brands name, fostering relationships with your audience, and building trust with prospective buyers.  A live customer experience offers you the biggest opportunity to showcase your brand and your content.  It is worth the investment of including events as an ongoing tactic in your marketing.

But don’t just take our word for it…statistics continue to show the effectiveness event marketing has on growing your business.  We’ve gathered ten staggering stats and facts that reveal the benefits, power, and tactics behind live events.

#1 In-person events are the most effective content marketing strategy for B2B businesses (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

Commit to adding more live events to your content strategy with a goal of at least 2 monthly.


#2 79% of US marketers generate sales using event marketing (Source: Statista)

When people have the opportunity to see, touch and experience your product, they’re more likely to purchase more quickly versus seeing it online.


#3 74% of event attendees say that they have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product or service being promoted after the event (Source: Event Marketing Institute)

Nothing replaces in-person human encounters. Trust is built when a prospect can look at you and feel the excitement and passion for what you do.


#4 Event technology can help increase event attendance 20%, increase productivity 27%, and decrease costs 20-30% (Source: Frost & Sullivan)

Apps like CheckInEasy make it super convenient for you to check-in guests efficiently if you’re hosting an event, keeping your registration line running smoothly and allowing your team to be more productive in other areas.


#5 87% of B2Bs use social media to promote events (the third most popular channel), and it ranks as the second most effective channel for event promotion, tying with websites at 68% of respondents (Source: eMarketer)

These compelling numbers reveal the importance of maintaining an active presence on your social sites and executing a well-developed social strategy. Not only does it increase brand exposure and improves lead generation, it’s an excellent platform to promote your events. Schedule your content in advance using Nuvi to each of your social media pages. Include your brand hashtag and monitor engagement around your posts. For those who comment or share your content, consider sending a personal message to their inbox sharing how excited you are to meet them.


#6 More than 75% of B2C companies use email marketing to promote their events (Source: Certain)

Your email subscribers are your biggest fans! They chose to opt into your list and are interested in company events and content. Use email segmentation to reach out to prospects in the local area where the event is held for increased responsiveness.


#7 87% of consumers said they purchased the brand’s product or service after an event at a later date (Source: Event Marketing Institute)

Even if visitors don’t purchase immediately at your event, you’ve given them a memorable experience with your brand that is sure to leave a lasting impression…one that will result in sales using a strategic follow-up system.


#8 58% of marketers believe that events and conferences are important ways to improve customer experiences of their services or products (Source: E-Strategy Trends)

Yes. Again, that human touch will go much further than a visit to your website. They get to witness your brand culture, products and personality live and in living color. Make it great, one they will never forget.


#9 64% of marketers use tradeshows and events as a source to new prospects and business opportunities (Source: Certain)

Getting in front of new consumers and increasing brand awareness are a few of the major benefits to in-person events. Capitalize on every opportunity by capturing your guest contact info to follow up with them after the event. Introduce them to your business app as another way to stay connected and engaged with your brand. Mozr is an awesome solution to creating a winning app that your prospects and customers can leverage to keep you top of mind.


#10 48% of event attendees say face-to-face interactions are more valuable today than two years ago (Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research)

With so much emphasis placed on digital communication, connecting with people in-person adds authenticity to your marketing and bolsters your chance of building relationships. Use them to your advantage.


More Takeaways

Here are a just a few more takeaways to glean from these numbers and consider when implementing your event marketing strategy:

  • Events is the opportune time to gain new leads for your sales funnel; use enticing lead offers to capture new prospects information and add them to your email list for your follow-up strategy
  • New product launches or having attendees experience your flagship products are ideals ways to increasing product exposure
  • Maximize connections with your customers by gaining testimonials and feedback…this method is even better if you can capture it on video
  • Use event tools to boost attendees and engagement with your audience


By leveraging event marketing, you have the amazing ability to foster positive experiences of your brand, build relationships with your audience, and increase awareness about your vision.

How to Benchmark Your Sales Qualified Lead Conversion Rates

As we’ve highlighted on this blog, lead generation is not enough for reliably successful digital marketing. You also need to make sure that a good portion of your leads become qualified – and eventually turn into customers.

Of course, that goal is difficult to accomplish if you don’t know whether your efforts to turn sales qualified leads (SQLs) into customers are actually successful. That’s where benchmarking comes into play.

Through the below 3 step process, you can measure your current sales qualified lead conversion rates and evaluate your success. That, in turn, allows you to turn to one of the many strategies designed to help you improve your conversion rates and maximize the impact of your lead generation and nurturing efforts.

Put simply, benchmarking your conversion rates comes down to three simple steps: taking stock of your current rates, comparing them against industry averages, and setting a goal for improvement. Let’s break each of these steps down in a bit more detail.

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How to Enhance Your SaaS Digital Marketing Through Relevant Content

Content marketing has risen in the last few years to become one of the most effective digital marketing philosophies available online. By focusing on relevant content over promotional messaging, you can increase your credibility and attract potential customers who are otherwise cynical about promotions directed at them.

Naturally the concept can benefit your SaaS digital marketing efforts, as well. If you are looking to attract new subscribers for your SaaS solution, consider building a content strategy that can help you accomplish this goal. This post will help you get started.

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SaaS Marketing Stats and Trends

It’s no mystery that marketing strategies shift when moving from B2B to B2C, or from eCommerce to service providers. SaaS products are a whole different ball game as well. Each unique focus requires different skillsets and strategies and unfortunately, marketers often go with the one-size-fits-all approach. By digging into our own clients’ data over the past two years, we were able to identify some clear trends and actionable takeaways SaaS marketers can use to feed their sales funnel and ultimately bring in more cash.

As a part of our study, we analyzed data from over 40 companies in over a dozen different industries including education, business management, legal, and more. By analyzing the various campaigns they ran—including email nurtures, search engine ads, social media ads, webinars, demo request optimizations, and more—we identified the following four trends that you need to be aware of in 2016.

Why Your Business Isn’t Unique

steven Athay

I know what you’re thinking, but no, your business is not unique. You may have some special solution to some common problem. Or, maybe you have a product that nobody has thought of. You may say that your business is run differently than that of your competitors. Or, you might claim that your customer service sets you apart from other businesses. While all of those circumstances may be true, I promise you in the digital marketing world your business is not unique.

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