How Marketers Are Changing their Online Marketing Strategy

Your online marketing strategy should be constantly updated to incorporate new trends and platforms. Business owners are investing in online marketing more than ever before. It’s important for you to know why these companies are investing more and which forms of online marketing they are investing in.

3 Mistakes to Avoid to Maintain Your Thought Leadership

Being a thought leader is establishing a kind of trust between your company, your customers, and even your employees. Thought leaders consistently show that they are on the forefront of their industry – perhaps by developing new products or services, devising new ways to use existing products, or merely acting in a manner that consistently supports and elevates your industry. Such trust is not easy to build, but it can be easily squandered if you’re not careful. Here are three mistakes that can damage or destroy your standing as a thought leader.

Wavering commitment to being a thought leader. Companies don’t become thought leaders by being timid, and one person in one company can rarely present a company as a thought leader all by their lonesome. Becoming a thought leader requires a bold vision and dedication to that vision at all levels.  Once you have established your company as a thought leader, you will need to make sure that you remain committed to providing the resources necessary to stay there.

Which Marketing Automation Tool is Right for Your Business?

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Don’t Forget To Add a Call To Action in Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Many businesses forget to add an essential component to their digital marketing strategy. A call-to-action (CTA) button is much more than a typical website link. It’s the last link between potential clients and your business.

Here’s how a recent Business 2 Community article explains the purpose of CTA:

“A CTA is a button, image, or text link that encourages visitors to take an action after visiting your website. Usually that’s to sign up for a special report, attend a webinar, or purchase a product. The actual words you use here are very important. Lose the clever phrasing and in-jokes when creating your CTAs. Be clear, to the point, and use good action verbs. For example, Click Here or Sign Up Today.”

Why Your Business Should Practice Social B2B Marketing

Businesses that don’t think social B2B marketing is worth it should take a look at their competitors. Chances are they’re already on several social media platforms and are connected with and followed by other businesses.

The main reason to practice social B2B marketing is to increase brand visibility. Some marketers don’t think it’s worth it because their potential clients won’t see their posts and activity anyway. What they’re leaving out is how fast shared content can spread and how social media connections can lead to future business.

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