What Kind of Team Should You Assemble for Content Creation in Your B2B Company?

Content creation is one of the most challenging aspects to digital marketing for companies, and proof is out there that companies agree it’s the most difficult of all marketing. The reason is because the demands are extremely high now in what people expect of content on company websites or other marketing venues. With hundreds of millions of people online creating content every hour of the day, trying to stand out to be original is becoming a Herculean task.

Your best way to achieve this is to realize you can’t do it on your own. Some B2B businesses CEO’s attempt to create content by themselves to save money. Unless that person is a master of creativity, most likely it’s not going to turn out perfectly. And a business customer is going to see right through an attempt to be compelling in content when it clear isn’t.

To save time and one’s sanity, it’s best to hire a creative team to create original content. With a focused team, you can have somewhat of a chain command in making sure the content is written and edited well. What kind of experts should you use in order to have content go from the idea phase to being publishable?

Stats are For Losers

We’ve all heard that 80 percent (or even 90 percent) of new businesses fail.  Indeed, that statistic is used more than any other business statistic I’ve ever heard.  Politicians use it to bolster their campaigns and point out that there needs to be a change.  Random people uses it to discourage others from taking risks.  Your parents might have used it to encourage you to stay in school and to get a “safe” job.

Regardless of who uses it or what their reasons are, the truth is that anyone who actually lets that statistic affect them and scare them away from starting their own business is a loser.

Yes, that sounds harsh.  And it should sound harsh.  What else would you call an athlete that withdraws from the match before it even starts because there’s a “chance” he might lose?  It’s the same thing with entrepreneurship.  If you’re too afraid to get into the game because you might lose, then you’ve already lost.

Before you get sucked into the failure statistic, consider a few things.

You Don’t Deserve More Leads – VentureBeat

I work with B2B companies that rely on us to bring them more leads. In fact, that’s usually the number one complaint when we first meet with a client. “We just need more leads,” they’ll say. In their minds, the only thing holding back their ascent from a $5 million company to a $500 million company is the volume of leads they’re receiving. And you know what, they’re wrong.

In fact, the last thing they need is more leads. Why? Because they treated the last thousand or so like garbage. They screened them, used them, signed up who they could, then like a glutton, threw the remainder on the trash pile. They call it a lead funnel, but really it’s one of the most inefficient ways to manage a sales process.

Guide to Making Marketing Go Viral – VentureBeat

Mike Templeman recently wrote a piece for VentureBeat.  It covered viral marketing and strategies to make your marketing succeed at going viral.


There seems to be an idea floating around the marketing industry that viral marketing also means free marketing. Whenever I speak with a group and they discuss their budget limitations, they always speak whimsically about the opportunity for their message to go viral, thereby giving them a substantial return for no investment.

But that’s the problem, there is almost always an investment required to make something go viral.

Are B2B Businesses Having a Hard Time Succeeding with Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a concept that can sometimes get glossed over in certain areas when your company’s main goal is looking for quick sales. When you look at content marketing from all sides, you see a selling side, then there’s a business value side that B2B businesses are frequently overlooking. In this regard, far too many B2B business aren’t focusing on the extended value of their products in their content marketing.

With proof of this happening in a recent Forrester Report study, what can your own B2B business do to improve your content marketing so you build long-term customer relationships?

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