Jumping Through the Hoops of WordPress

I came to this job at Foxtail Marketing with a solid base in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and standard Graphic Design skills. I had worked with websites before, but I had never done anything with a CMS. The idea of a website controlled completely by a nice, clean user interface was a foreign concept to me, as I was used to my standard text editor with a browser to editor workflow.

For our clients, we often perform small tasks of maintenance to their websites (adding tracking codes, facebook and twitter pixels, updating addresses, creating new pages, etc) and I was genuinely confused with the way that WordPress worked. I was also unsure how php brought everything together, and just ended up getting tangled in a big mess of clicking and typing and just praying for some random solutions to work out.

The B2B Guide to Social Media Advertising Part 2 – Targeting

Nearly 2.1 billion people have social media accounts across the globe. Of that number, 1.6 billon have active mobile social accounts. These large figures are the main reason why social media advertising revenue is estimated to reach $8.4 billion this year.

The fact that there are billions of social media users out there is the very reason why platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have established specific targeting options within their advertising managers. There are different ways to target depending on what type of campaign you are running but in this post including focusing on just couple thousand specific people , we’ll specifically talk about campaigns that offer specific pieces of content within the B2B space.

Effective targeting is exactly how campaigns optimize spend and increase conversion rates.

When creating a custom audience or manually inputting targeting options into any given social platform, you should already have the answers to these three questions about your target market:

4 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

There are a number of different task and day-to-day responsibilities that marketers are faced with when it comes to executing their digital campaigns. Some of these task include creating buyer personas, SEO, social media, sales conversions, and content creation. To be honest, it’s quite difficult for any CMO or marketing team to handle and because of that it’s very easy for marketers not to maximize the potential of their marketing campaigns. A great solution for all of the marketers that don’t have the time and resources to execute their marketing campaigns on a high level is to outsource to a digital marketing agency.

How Will Content Creators Fit Into The Localized Marketing Revolution?

Decentralization is the hot thing in the 2010s and for the foreseeable future. We’re seeing it everywhere: in currency (Bitcoin’s cryptocurrency that requires no banks), in food (the booming artisan, local food movement that requires no centralized industrial methods), and in entertainment (peer-to-peer sharing on the user end; on the production end: artists independently crowdfunding projects that require no major record labels or film studios).

So why should marketing escape the clutches of this macro-narrative that is, before our very eyes, defining the shape of the 21st century?

It shouldn’t. And it won’t. Thus we have a new term to add to our jargon: localized marketing.

Although I will admit, my set-up was a little deceptive. In truth, marketing is experiencing decentralization in a different way than the industries described above. The marketing entities themselves — the companies, the heavy hitters, the big brands — are not in jeopardy. It’s their old-school approach and attitude toward the consumer that must now crumble. The Old World of marketing is making way for something new.

Reducing SaaS Churn with Customer Journey Maps

Imagine with me for a moment…

You own SaaS company. You typically onboard 30 new clients each month, with an average spend of $850 per account. However, with an average monthly churn rate of 7%—which is alarmingly high, although not uncommon in the B2B space—you’re losing several thousand dollars a month. All things remaining equal, in this scenario, you will lose tens of thousands in revenue over the course of one year. (For those of you who are more mathematically inclined, I recommend clicking the link above. You’ll see all sorts of equations that will help you understand this point more clearly).

It’s easy for many SaaS companies to neglect a few thousand dollars here and there, especially when experiencing significant growth month over month; however, even rapid growth with a monthly churn rate hovering above 5% can prove your organization’s downfall.

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