The Five Essential Elements of a Good Blog Post

You might have read that having a blog on your website is critical if you want your site to be a big success. Regular blog posts can help you establish yourself as an expert, can help with search engine optimization and can give people a reason to return to your site on a regular basis.

A lot of website owners hire professional writers to help them with content creation. However, you may find that you are better off writing your own blog posts. If you do choose to write your own blog posts, make sure that you include these five essential elements.

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Content Marketing: Finding your Market

Alright, you’ve come up with the perfect business plan, developed the perfect product and are ready to take it to the next level. You feel an exhilarating feeling of success and achievement, but then you realize something: the hard work is just now beginning.

Before you get too excited about your future, take some time to think about who you are selling to. Developing your target market is the first step in creating a content marketing campaign. After you have accomplished this, you will be able to know exactly what your customers are looking for when it comes to content and how they expect to get it. Here are some steps for you to follow.

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Clever Conversion Optimization Tactics

Sometimes you have to be clever to get the conversions that you are looking for. Not only are you competing with those who sell similar products as yours, you are also being forced to compete with products that are entirely different. For this reason, developing some clever conversion optimization tactics is necessary.

But, with all the wonderful ideas that are already out there, how do you start fresh? This is where you have to really get creative. Luckily, you have us to do some of the hard work for you. Check out these tactics that are sure to get you a few more conversions.

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5 Reasons Why Guest Blogging is a Smart Content Marketing Decision

When you think about content marketing, you obviously probably think about posting blog posts on your own business blog. However, there is another content marketing strategy that you might want to take advantage of — guest blogging.

With guest blogging, you basically compose industry-related blog posts that are to be posted on someone else’s blog. You won’t generally get paid for these posts, but there are a lot of advantages to sharing these free posts with other website owners who are also a part of your industry. These are some of the main reasons why guest blogging is a smart content marketing decision.

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Netflix, the Power of Simplicity and the Rise of Content Marketing

Have you ever noticed that simplicity is the key to coming up with a great product and marketing it? Take Netflix, for example. They just started out as a DVD delivering service. What a great alternative to Blockbuster, most of us thought. But from just delivering DVDs in the mail, they’ve now progressed to streaming and even creating their own shows. How did they go from sending DVDs in the mail to becoming a production house? And on top that, you’ll find that most of their shows are really good. Not only do they appeal to a variety of demographics, they’re also well-made, well-crafted and featuring good actors. And all this without the disturbance of advertisements, which you would have on TV. What can you learn from Netflix about marketing your product?

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