Top 7 Blogs About Blogging You Should Already Be Following

When I first heard about blogging – way back in ancient times when the AOL was still the main way you accessed the internet, and the familiar song of dial up internet still filled my home – it honestly baffled me. Who would want to put all of their thoughts and feelings on the internet for all the world (hypothetically) to see?

But blogging has come a long way since its inception and now it is a powerful marketing tool. But learning how to create and promote great blog content is more difficult than it sounds. These blogs about blogging (and doesn’t that just blow your mind!) have been invaluable resources for learning how to blog with the best.

7 Deadly Sins of Business Blogging

Business Blogging Helps Customers

Business blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website. An established blog delivers value to prospective customers and helps you establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry.

This is the information age, people! Customers know they can find information at any moment’s notice at the touch of their fingertips and they are searching diligently. With an effective blogging strategy that helps answer questions your future customers might have, your blog should bring you thousands of new prospects into the sales funnel. Some business blogs are quickly becoming the biggest generator of new customers.

With that being said, here are the 7 most common “sins” made in business blogging today that prevent legions of potentially interested customers from converting:

6 Tips for Knowing How to Use Humor in Your Marketing

Everyone who has ever typed LOL in a text message is, shall we say, not always telling the truth.

In fact, 97% of these so-called “LOL” moments are more like LIMH (Laughing In My Head) or LIMHASALAMSCQ (Laughing In My Head And Smiling A Little And Maybe Sort of Chortling Quietly).

All of our scandalously untruthful LOLs tell us something: it’s hard to be truly funny. It really is. Especially in marketing — and especially when you’re trying really hard to be funny in marketing. (It seems the harder you try, the less funny you get.)


Effective humor, however, is not a mysterious black magic that only the chosen few can summon at will. As comic geniuses like Jerry Seinfeld have preached for years, good comedy is a science.

3 Secrets of Innovative Business Blogging

Although businesses are always chasing after innovation, the way they approach business blogging, ironically, often lacks innovation. It’s not hard to see why. We all do it: when we’re tasked with doing something repetitive — whether it’s scheduling and writing a blog post every two days or washing our car — we tend to fall into a comfortable routine that, by nature, resists innovation.


One way to infuse your business blog with innovation is to leverage outside topics that already have massive appeal, and apply those topics to your business in unexpected ways.

Fall in Love with Content Creation

“Content creation.”

Even the term sounds a little boring. It makes the process sound about as enthralling as writing the ingredient labels for food packaging. It just sounds so, well, industrial. It feels as if you’re applying for a job on an assembly line.

Fortunately, there’s an antidote for the tedium. (And it’s not turning your articles into illustrated graphic novellas; though that is fun.) No, the antidote is something much simpler.

Fall in love.

Specifically, fall in love with asking amazing questions.

Even more specifically: fall in love with what might be called “tractor beam” questions — the kind of questions that, the moment your eyes scan across them, an invisible force as mighty as Darth Vader’s Death Star grabs you by the shirt collar, and a voice in your head says, “I must read this immediately or I will die.”

The goal here is to develop your question-asking skills until 1) you understand the difference between an average question and an amazing question and 2) you become emotionally invested in that pursuit.

This will add a powerful motivator to your content creation projects — whether you’re blogging, creating videos, memes, comic books, or sound bites.

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