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Great content marketing requires a lot of time and a lot of effort. Do you ever wonder why no one is reading or viewing your content? Are there some ways in which you can motivate, inspire, persuade, and encourage your chosen target market to be drawn to your content? A wise and competent content marketer possesses comprehensive people skills. They should understand that people learn in one or more of three ways: either through visual, auditory, or kinesthetic stimulus. Sight, sound, or movement. Marketers need to know how to present content that is useful for all three learning styles because not everyone learns in the same way. Knowing this, how can content marketing meet these three types of learning styles without compromising the message?

Content Marketing Strategy

6 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2017

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the term, content marketing? Does it simply mean written text or are there other factors to consider? Images, video, podcasts, radio, charts, infographics, and text, to name a few, are all considered content. Before you post or link content to your site or social media platforms, determine if it fits your overall content marketing strategy. In a HubSpot survey, over 65% of marketers indicated the challenge of generating traffic and leads in 2017. In the same survey, 60% said that blog creation was going to be their number one challenge for the year.

First of all, let’s clear up the difference between social media marketing and content marketing. Social media marketing uses social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for relationship selling, a type of selling that is based on how well you manage and nurture relationships with your social contacts. Content marketing uses social platforms to help promote goods and services.

Content marketing, therefore, is a type of marketing designed to drive traffic and sales. It is also a means to generate and maintain social contact with visitors, prospects, and eventual customers.

Does this type of content help in any way with search engine ranking and optimization? You bet it does. Search engines are looking for relevant content, updated content, rich and engaging content, and lengthy content. These aren’t the only things a search engine looks for but the content is one of two or three elements at the top of the list.

If this is true, then how can we quantify the advantage of a sound content marketing strategy. We would certainly think about the following.

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The Key to Customer Engagement Through Content Marketing

The idea behind content marketing is to produce written material that will keep your customers engaged. What exactly does it mean to be engaged in something? You know that feeling that you have when you start watching a movie or reading a book and you feel like you’ve been transported to a different world altogether? That’s what it means to be engaged. It means that you won’t willingly give up what you’re doing and take up something else unless you really have to.

And why would you want to engage your customers? Because you want them to stay on your website rather than going somewhere else. You want them to keep clicking on your tabs, reading your blog or viewing your comments on social media. You want them to feel interested in what they’re doing, interested enough that they might eventually end up buying what you’re selling.

How do you create this kind of interest? How do you get customers to feel engaged? Here are a few tips:

Inbound marketing strategy

4 Simple Inbound Marketing Tools that Delights and Wows Customers

A strong marketing strategy consist of more than just attracting new visitors to your website, generating leads and closing sales to grow a customer base.  The key to a successful inbound marketing strategy includes using “delighting” techniques that wows your potential and existing customers, thus improving customer retention, brand loyalty, and increasing revenue.

In fact, 87% of customers share good experiences with others (Source: Zendesk). By going above and beyond in providing exceptional online content and experiences, you’re building an army of loyal fans who will gladly promote your brand to their networks. Fostering these relationship building tactics sets a solid foundation for a long-term sustainable business.

Here are simple proven tools you can leverage to build customer loyalty and boost retention.

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