5 Free Tools to Enhance Your Content Marketing

Spicing up your content and optimizing it for your business’s marketing strategy is a good thing to do if you’re hoping to keep your readers interested. Internet users are constantly inundated with information from myriad sources, and to be heard in a crowd can be tough.

Here are 5 free tools your business can use to enhance your content marketing strategy, and the way that you present information.

Which Categories of Digital Marketing are Businesses Focusing on the Most?

Digital marketing has grown in the last decade to encompass numerous different categories that can sometimes overwhelm. For a first-time B2B business, there may also be a tendency to feel like they don’t know where to begin or which categories to focus on more than others. But with statistics tabulated regularly, you can see what other B2B businesses nationally are doing and finding the most success using. Recently, a new research study from Gigaom revealed what categories of digital marketing are starting to be nurtured most often and which ones capture the most amount of customers.

Using Videos for Content Marketing

If you are looking for new and exciting ways to improve your content marketing then you can’t afford to forget about videos. These offer exciting possibilities for getting your message across in a fun way that hooks people in and gets them to understand what you are all about.

One problem with this is that it is easy to just upload a video to your site and then forget about it. However, if you do this then how many people are likely to see it? If you have gone to the time and expense of making a fantastic video then you need a content marketing strategy for it so that the world see it.

Your Guide to Creating User-Generated Content for Business

How much do you trust your friends?

Imagine this: You’re on a business trip in a city you’ve never visited before.

You’ve been in meetings practically all day and all you’ve had to eat and drink are the cranberry juice and meager pretzel packet you had on the plane, and maybe (just maybe) a deli sandwich and a 12 oz. soda that was either given to you at lunch, or that you grabbed during a 10 minute break at noon.


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