Use Onsite Blogging to Optimize Your Online Presence

Onsite blogging can drive a lot of traffic to your business’ site. Consumers are always looking for information that will help them decide between vendors so blogging is a great opportunity to make a positive first impression, raise your business’ profile, and close the deal. There are better and worse ways to go about it, though. Here are some things to keep in mind when building a blog:

How to Write an eBook and the Advantages for B2B Marketing

eBooks have developed a bit of a stigma within the B2B space over the past few years.  People see them as a waste of time and a difficult thing to produce.  However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  eBooks are an incredibly useful tool for B2B lead generation.  You just have to know how to market and use them.  Contained in this post you’ll see tips and tricks for getting an effective eBook written, published, and disseminated.

Two Simple Keys To Effective Content Creation

Most internet marketers know that content creation is an essential component of their overall online marketing strategy. But some see content as strictly a traffic generating tool. They subscribe to the “numbers game” philosophy of online marketing. If they slap up a website with a lot of keyword rich content and one percent of their visitors buy something, all they need to do is increase the number of visitors and they’ll increase the number of sales. Of course, they do that by increasing the amount of keyword rich content.

That’ll work OK, I guess – at least until the search algorithms start changing.

Online Marketing: Why Email Camapaigns Work

Most business owners don’t have the swollen marketing budgets that major companies do, so they don’t have the luxury of indulging in costly failures or expensive, experimental campaigns.

One very solid way that small businesses can reach likely potential customers is with an email marketing campaign.

The first advantage of an email marketing campaign is that it’s likely going to cost far less than a traditional physical mail campaign, since there are no materials to design and print and no postage to pay for. An Experian study found that for every $1 spent on email, $44.25 came back to the business.

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