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5 eCommerce Email Marketing Hacks To Increase Sales

Inboxes are becoming outrageously crowded, and even more difficult to stay in. With Google’s app Inbox that automatically groups promotions and deals into separated sections, and new updates from Apple’s iOS that allows users to unsubscribe at the top of every email, people are leaving lists quicker than Kevin Durant left the Thunder.

3 Big Tips to Scheduling Content on Social Media

Social media promotion is perhaps one of the top ways to generating crazy engagement with your blog content. From growing brand awareness, driving fresh traffic to your site, building industry credibility, to boosting SEO ranking, strategically sharing your articles on social media will yield amazing results in your marketing strategy.

Yet, with more brands leveraging social to further their content marketing goals, how can you separate yourself from the sea of posts flooding your follower’s timeline? Or perhaps you have a unique message but are looking for proven tactics to effectively get it in front of your audience. In this guide, you’ll learn how to win in social media scheduling to bring more exposure to your content.

Hungry Content Marketing Monster

Feeding the Content Monster

People hunger for great content that is found online through innumerable social media channels. They do not want to eat stale bread. They hunger for fresh meat. It is the job of a successful social media marketer to provide that meat because the hunger is never-ending.

Internet websites contain billions and billions of pages. 4.72 billion pages to be exact, with more being added daily. Images, infographics, radio, video, podcasts, and blogs. Not to mention Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and all the other usual and unusual suspects. What do they all have in common? Content. Tons and tons of content whose sole purpose is to magically attract traffic and sales. Social media marketing in its broadest sense is actually marketing through various means of content.

How are smaller companies able to compete with larger, well-established companies? Companies who have endless resources with what seems like an endless budget. They can produce expensive commercials for radio and television, create expensive brochures, participate in trade shows with huge intimidating booths, and support a colossal sized army of a sales team. Content marketing through social media channels neutralize the big budget of big business and gives the smaller fish a fighting chance to reach greater numbers of their target market.

Content marketing strategy

3 Companies That Do Content Marketing Well

Your company is probably looking for creative ways to make your posted content an entryway into your business. To maximize your ROI, it’s important that your content marketing doesn’t fall into the rut just cranking out one piece of content after another. You need to have a strategy behind what you’re producing. Two great content strategies include deploying a unique content brand and delivering content that addresses your customers’ pain points. Here are three companies that use these techniques to great effect in their content marketing campaigns.

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