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Conversion Optimization Tips for Google+

Google+ occupies an interesting position in social media since it’s backed by one of the most powerful companies in America, if not the world, but it’s still a bit behind many other frontrunner social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. What this means from a marketing perspective, however, is that the site has almost no ceiling in how high it can grow. It also means that since it’s coming from Google which already has a wide market penetration across many demographics, that it should be easier to prop up your conversion rate than it would be from many other sites. Here are some ways you can work on yourconversion optimization game from your Google+ account.

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6 Tips for Marketing Your Dental Practice

Word of mouth is great, but let’s face it: when it comes right down to it, bringing people into your dental practice requires serious marketing effort. Dental practice marketing relies on a number of strategies. You want to bring in local traffic that is interested in exactly what your practice offers. Thanks to the internet, your marketing strategy may look vastly different than it did just a few years ago as you take advantage of search engines, organize your social media accounts, and turn your webpage into a functional marketing tool that will enable people to find your practice.

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