Getting out of your Design Funk : The 5 Easiest Ways to Jumpstart your Creativity

If your brain feels like it’s full of jelly, body aches, heart won’t stop seizing up in your chest and you can’t think of a good idea to save your life. You might just have Designer’s Block. If “I don’t get creative block” is your first response you’re either lying or stealing. Now move aside and listen up. I have a cure for all your woes! 5 cures in fact.

Color is Critical in Marketing

Color influences our attitudes, emotions and definitely our decisions in purchases. Making the right decision on which colors will be used in your marketing campaigns and your website will greatly impact your business. Pick the right colors and you will see high conversions and increase of revenue, pick the wrong colors and you might be standing in the Sahara dessert, alone and miserable.

Some people are indecisive about which color to use. Don’t be afraid to use it, and at the same time don’t abuse it. Yes, there are people who will paint each wall in their home a different color. Trust me, it is not a pretty sight. I once had an overwhelming experience as a sale representative. I met a young and incredible couple. Once I sold them on the product I was selling, they let me into their bright and colorful home. Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by a different color. It was too much, too much I say! It was like a rainbow had exploded into their home. I wanted to run, but I could not, not until they signed the contract. Afterward the deal was closed, I ran out of there a fast as I could.

Uncovering Buried Branding Treasures: Chrome Developer Tools

Brand Analysis Tips with Chrome Developer Tools

I loved being a kid. I often watch my nieces and nephews play with their toys and just wonder what kind of things must be going through their minds. Their biggest worries are not about saving money for college, performing well in the workplace, or even thinking about the next meal. They are too busy imagining their next adventure, working towards their dreams of becoming a fireman, and strategizing their hand-holding of the cute neighbor girl. When I was little, I played with my pirate playmobil, watched plenty of Peter Pan, and always dreamt of following a less-than-detailed map to the X that marked the spot, to dig up that coveted buried treasure.

Avoiding 5 Mistakes Every Designer Makes

No designer is perfect, especially when you’re a rookie designer. All designers have created pieces, including myself, that were plain ugly, with a capital “U.” Lucky for us, we can learn from these mistakes and move on. Or we redesign them. There are many mistakes, surely more than 5, a designer will make that they need to avoid. Here they are in no particular order.

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