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Need Better Engagement from Your Email List? Here are 4 Ways How

Cultivating your list creates amazing results from your email marketing campaigns. From boosting brand loyalty to increasing sales, nurturing tactics have proven to be an effective way to padding your bottom-line. In fact, nurtured leads tend to make 47% larger purchases than those that are not. Putting the effort into building relationships with your subscribers helps you experience long-term growth and happy customers.

However, if you’re failing to capture the attention of your list, it will be challenging for you to receive this types of results. You see, your subscribers must open your email in order to gain from the goods inside. With low open percentages, you won’t yield a lot from your email marketing.

You can turn your email campaigns around to better engagement and responsiveness from recipients. The following tactics are sure-fire ways to increasing open rates…and results.


#1 Publish Short Blog Posts

Although long-form content is encouraged because of its positive impact on SEO rankings, short-form content has its place amongst email subscribers. Your list already desires to hear from you and look at you as an expert in your industry, whereas those from search engines may just be getting to know your brand. Your list will take your long and short content…as long as it’s valuable.

Therefore, consider creating quick blog posts strictly for your subscriber audience. Think about the common questions your prospects and customers have regarding your business and products. These inquiries are excellent content topics that can easily be converted into a short blog post. Share them with your list to keep traffic coming to your site and your list engaged. Also, schedule them in your social media tool like Nuvi to attract even more visitors to your page.


#2 Deliver Monthly Newsletters

eNewsletters have a phenomenal way of driving interaction and click-through rates. When people expect to receive your copy around the same time each month, this anticipation builds engagement especially when it’s packed with quality-rich content and relevant updates. Your audience will know it’s coming and look forward to its arrival.

So yes, monthly newsletters are excellent tools to boost your open rates. It also sends visitors to your website which improves your search visibility. You can solidify your credibility simply by incorporating a regular newsletter campaign.

To get started, here are a few pointers to think about when drafting your newsletter:

  • Use colorful, gripping design that exudes your brand personality and captures attention
  • Share links to your either popular or evergreen blog posts
  • Upcoming events, company updates, and any recent changes are ideal topics for your newsletter
  • Give customer testimonials. Include a picture (if possible) to truly sell the review
  • Spotlight team members and/or employees to humanize your brand, allowing more opportunities for your list to get to know you
  • Leverage a professional at WorkMarket who can craft beautiful monthly newsletters if you’re short on time or not sure how to fit another content strategy in your workload


#3 Segment Your List

Email segmentation is powerful. In fact, here are a few statistics that illustrate the effectiveness when you categorize your list for deeper personalization and customization:

  • Marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. (Source: Campaign Monitor)
  • 77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns (Source: EmailExpert)
  • Marketers who segmented their email lists experienced 28% lower unsubscribed rates (Source: Mailigen)
  • Personalization improves your click-through rate by 161% (Source: ChiefMarketer)

As you see, segmenting your list absolutely impacts engagement and sales. Recipients will feel that you’re speaking directly to them. You are in-tuned with their interests and problems. You understand where they are in their buyer’s journey and know other details (i.e. geographic location, topic preferences, etc.) that you can tailor your messages to. Your content will resonate…and they will feel compelled to act!

There are a plethora of ways to slice and dice your email list for better segmentation. Age, gender, content interest (based on their email open responses), buying patterns, and products purchased are just a few ideas to easily categorizing your leads.


#4 Content Curation

Content curation is a killer strategy to filling in the “gaps” of your content marketing while still sharing valuable information to your audience. By gathering, organizing, and sharing the best posts in your niche, you will be viewed as the “go-to” source in your industry. Your list will thank you for providing the goods without them having to venture all over to find it.

Find out more about what your audience wants to hear through your customer listening tools like Intouch Insights and curate fresh, relevant content to your list on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Provide a short 1-2 sentence snippet providing a few key pointers and benefits subscribers will gain from reading the piece. Although you are sending traffic to another source, your list will still return to you because of the value you bring.

Improving Email Marketing Success

5 HubSpot Tricks to Improve the Success of Your Email Marketing

Regardless of your industry, email marketing continues to be immensely successful. While open and click-through rates vary greatly by industry, both B2B and B2C brands consider the medium one of the most effective digital marketing tactics available.

Especially for companies who embrace inbound marketing, the success potential of email marketing can be immense. A number of studies, in fact, have found that brands who use email marketing to nurture their leads see significantly higher conversion rates and better transaction rates than those who don’t.

An inbound marketing platform like HubSpot, of course, has recognized that issue, which is why it includes a comprehensive email tool as part of its core features. As an active user, you probably already know about the basics of that feature, which includes an easy drag-and-drop editor as well as an option to segment and select your audience.

At the same time, a wide range of features exist that you may have never heard about. So for today’s edition of HubSpot Tips and Tricks, we’ll focus on 5 email tool features you don’t know exist that can significantly impact the success of your marketing efforts.

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