Essential List of DIY Marketing Materials

Digital marketing can be complex. With so many different tools, apps, platforms, channels, and integrations – finding the best solutions can be a daunting task. So we compiled a list of the easiest, cheapest, most user-friendly tools every digital marketer should be taking advantage of. You’re welcome.

My Entrepreneur Wish List

The trees are being trimmed and the Menorah’s are soon to be lit, and all around the world children are lying belly down on the carpet, feet up in the air, and writing out their wish lists in crayon and marker.  And while I may not be wearing onesie pajamas anymore, I too have a wish list for this holiday season.

4 Practical Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Social media presents innumerable benefits for business owners, but many still don’t know exactly what to do with it. “Fifty-eight percent of companies are currently engaged in social networks like Facebook, microblogs like Twitter, and sharing multimedia on platforms such as YouTube – but research from the Harvard Business Review” finds that “Although 79% of the 2,100 companies surveyed are either using or planning to use social media channels, a measly 12% of those firms feel that they are using them effectively.”

If you’d like to improve the effectiveness of your social media efforts here’s a look at four simple social media tips to consider:

How to Increase Revenue Without Actually Selling

For some reason, many companies believe that marketing ends once a prospect becomes a customer.  However, this should never be the case.  If you think about it, marketing to potential customers is a series of actions that a company performs to gain the customers’ trust and show them the value of the company.  So, why on earth would you stop doing this after they’ve given you their business?

In fact, I would argue that marketing should increase in quality once the client is firmly in your camp.  The reason to do so is to create brand evangelists, or the clients that love your product so much they discuss it with everyone.  

Stats are For Losers

We’ve all heard that 80 percent (or even 90 percent) of new businesses fail.  Indeed, that statistic is used more than any other business statistic I’ve ever heard.  Politicians use it to bolster their campaigns and point out that there needs to be a change.  Random people uses it to discourage others from taking risks.  Your parents might have used it to encourage you to stay in school and to get a “safe” job.

Regardless of who uses it or what their reasons are, the truth is that anyone who actually lets that statistic affect them and scare them away from starting their own business is a loser.

Yes, that sounds harsh.  And it should sound harsh.  What else would you call an athlete that withdraws from the match before it even starts because there’s a “chance” he might lose?  It’s the same thing with entrepreneurship.  If you’re too afraid to get into the game because you might lose, then you’ve already lost.

Before you get sucked into the failure statistic, consider a few things.

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