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How Inbound Marketing Is like Courtship: Looking Good and Conversing Well

Inbound Marketing is a little bit like courtship. The company makes a foray towards grabbing the eye of the consumer. The consumer responds by showing a little bit of interest. The company then tries to take things further by giving the consumer more information in another form. And the consumer shows a little more interest in buying what they’re selling.

This process continues until the consumer has actually bought what the company is selling. At which point, the company can decide whether to continue the courtship process and actually have a relationship with the consumer or to consider the process as finished and turn to someone else.

There are a lot of companies which are fickle in this way! They don’t care too much about retaining the customer; they just want to find other, new customers.

Sales Qualified Leads Through HubSpot

How to Produce Sales Qualified Leads Through HubSpot

The beauty of HubSpot is it’s 360 degree functionality. The inbound marketing suite offers more than just marketing automation or a blogging platform. Instead, it combines a variety of tools to help business optimize their entire sales funnel.

From search engine optimization and social media marketing to lead generation and lead nurturing, the platform can help you optimize your buyer’s journey from beginning to end. And especially if your audience needs longer time frames or more information to convert to customers, the software becomes an ideal tool to not just generate, but convert sales qualified leads (SQLs).

As we’ve detailed in previous posts, generating SQLs should be near the top of your priority list as a marketer. The higher the quality of leads you hand over to your sales team, the greater their likelihood of conversion. Focusing on an SQL-based strategy allows you to not just increase that quality, but also estimate the moment a lead becomes ready for more sales-specific outreach.

And yet, when you focus on generating SQLs, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where this post enters the equation. Keep reading for 5 tips on optimizing HubSpot to generate more sales qualified leads.

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6 Ways to Generate Qualified Sales Leads

For long-term success of your inbound marketing strategy, lead qualification is a crucial process. Regardless of how many contacts enter your database, your bottom line will only be impacted if these contacts are actually likely to become customers.

The key to success lies in both generating leads that are as qualified as possible when they enter your database, and increasing their chances of customer conversion after they are part of your nurturing process. To accomplish both of these goals, here are 6 ways your company can generate qualified sales leads.

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How Much Does Inbound Marketing Cost Your Company?

Inbound marketing is one of the most popular ways to gain traffic, leads, and sales. Rather than knocking on doors, you are posting on social media, writing blogs, and targeting people in all stages of the purchase funnel.  The problem is that not everyone can make inbound marketing effective. While writing a post on Facebook is free, hiring someone to write an intention-grabbing message is not.

Companies often dedicate a large portion of their marketing budget to inbound marketing techniques. This number varies greatly depending on industry. For most companies, spending about 10-percent of the marketing budget on inbound marketing services is typical. If you are looking to save money on marketing costs or want to know where your money is going, keep reading to learn more.

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13 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies that Drives Growth

In 2017, we can agree that inbound marketing is the best way to do business online when marketing your brand.

More consumers are engaging with companies through social media posts, blog content, email, and online video today than ever before. Compelling statistics continue to prove that inbound marketing tactics draws website visitors, produces more leads, and improves customer retention rates. In fact, organizations that embrace the inbound way are four times as likely to be effective (Source: Hubspot).

To be successful in inbound marketing, however, it’s important that your brand focuses on all the key parts that makes this strategy fully functional. Versus just tending to top-of-the-funnel strategies (i.e. like social media, paid ads) and trying to get the sale, the ultimate goal is to nurture your prospects and customers through a strategic process to becoming loyal fans of your brand.

In this guide, we’ll review the four major components of inbound marketing and share effective inbound marketing strategies that will bolster your plan, essentially driving growth in your business.

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