Tailor made

Your Tailor-Made Landing Page Strategy

How to Create a Landing Page Strategy That Fits Your Needs

Why do we even make Landing Pages?

Harry Potter and his wand. It would be nice if our landing pages could be generated at the flick of a wand, but unfortunately, our magic skills haven’t quite arrived yet. Harry couldn’t use just any old wand he wanted. He went to Olivander’s, and the whole place nearly turned upside down just trying to find the one that was the best fit for him! There was only 1 wand that was going to work. It had the single phoenix tail feather, which was his tailor-made recipe.

With landing pages, it is vital that we take a similar approach. We must create them with our needs in mind. We need specific goals, and clear purpose, and a great design in order to have an effective user experience. The #1 purpose of a Landing Page is to instantly earn the trust of the viewer, so that they will input their information into the form – resulting in a conversion that injects potential clients into the sales funnel.  

Conversion Rate Optimization

Secrets to Conversion Rate Optimization


Before launching a marketing campaign, you should always have a goal in mind. Then all your efforts should be toward accomplishing that one goal. In my world of marketing, that goal has been to optimize your conversion rate! In any way possible, I want to see the conversion rate on my campaigns go higher and higher. Gaining more conversions is possible through optimizing every step within your campaign. Once you have a nice piece of content, you’ll want to promote it through ads and convert through landing pages. Therefore, I’ve outlined a few tips to help get better conversion rates starting with targeting and ending with a CTA on a landing page.

Cooking Up Customers: How Sales and Marketing Should be Working Together

How to Nurture Leads with BOTH Marketing and Sales

I hear this myth frequently about how sales and marketing departments are at odds with each other. I get a painted picture of the two going head-to-head in a bloody medieval battle. And just like in medieval times, there’s no real victor because everyone loses when the epidemic plague hits, in this case the plague of no leads and no customers.

But it is just a myth. In reality, sales and marketing generally know that each is part of the finished puzzle. The problem is that most organizations don’t know exactly how the sales and marketing pieces actually fit together.

Deploying Marketing Strategies at Each Stage of the Sales Funnel: Part 3

Welcome back for the final part of the Deploying Marketing Strategies at Each Stage of the Sales Funnel series. Now that you’ve mastered how you will effectively market to prospects at the top and middle of your sales funnel, now it’s time to learn what you can implement to help seal the deal and turn prospects into customers.

Improving Your B2B Lead Generation With Inbound Marketing

Improve your B2B Lead Generation

Using inbound marketing to attract prospects to your products or services has proven to be both efficient and cost effective for organizations that take the time to utilize it. We live in a time where digital marketing must be customer-centric, dynamic, and readily available to your customers on the platforms they know and love. Fail at any one of these and you’re marketing efforts are destined to drain your resources, and end up in the land of forgotten campaigns where there is no return. This is especially true when focusing on B2B lead generation, which can be considered the holy grail of business marketing. Creating quality leads means filtering out unfit prospects that wouldn’t be ideal customers, and utilizing strategies that target every stage of the sales funnel. Lets take a look at some of the ways that inbound marketing techniques can make this process easier.

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