Taking Advantage of eBooks as an Evergreen Marketing Strategy


Many businesses seem to think that content creation is limited to blogs and the material on their website. While blogging is definitely an important part of content marketing, it’s not enough on its own. Businesses need to incorporate other sources of content to give their marketing campaign more substance.

This is where businesses can be creative and show why they’re in the industry they’re in. To supplement their content marketing campaigns, some businesses include short videos that are about relevant topics in the industry.

How to Increase Revenue Without Actually Selling

For some reason, many companies believe that marketing ends once a prospect becomes a customer.  However, this should never be the case.  If you think about it, marketing to potential customers is a series of actions that a company performs to gain the customers’ trust and show them the value of the company.  So, why on earth would you stop doing this after they’ve given you their business?

In fact, I would argue that marketing should increase in quality once the client is firmly in your camp.  The reason to do so is to create brand evangelists, or the clients that love your product so much they discuss it with everyone.  

You Don’t Deserve More Leads – VentureBeat

I work with B2B companies that rely on us to bring them more leads. In fact, that’s usually the number one complaint when we first meet with a client. “We just need more leads,” they’ll say. In their minds, the only thing holding back their ascent from a $5 million company to a $500 million company is the volume of leads they’re receiving. And you know what, they’re wrong.

In fact, the last thing they need is more leads. Why? Because they treated the last thousand or so like garbage. They screened them, used them, signed up who they could, then like a glutton, threw the remainder on the trash pile. They call it a lead funnel, but really it’s one of the most inefficient ways to manage a sales process.

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