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The Ultimate 6 Step Guide to a Strong Content Marketing Plan

Did you know that brands who craft compelling, valuable content that gets to the heart of their readers experience 7.8 times more website traffic than brands who don’t (Source: Content Marketing Institute)? Additionally, content creation is ranked as the single most effective SEO technique by 53% of businesses to being found by their audience in the search engines. These numbers illustrate the importance and power behind creating a content marketing strategy especially as you gear up for 2017.

A thorough content marketing plan will serve as a blueprint to everything you do in your online marketing. From your social media posts, email messages, blog content, videos, audios, live-streaming videos, to your webinars, paid ads, and lead offers…this plan gives you a solid, clear direction so that all of your content pieces resonate with your audience and conveys your brand messaging.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide the essential steps required to build a strong content marketing plan that helps you get in front of your ideal customer, publish content that relates to and engages your audience, and ensure that your strategy is indeed working to produce results.

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HubSpot Tips and Tricks

Over the last few years, HubSpot has emerged as the leader in inbound marketing. Its powerful platform has allowed marketers, brands and companies around the world to optimize their marketing and dramatically improve their revenue. Inbound marketing has shown over and over to be more effective. In fact, content marketing returns three times more leads than outbound marketing per dollar spent. Even though outbound marketing is so much more effective, there are still a few HubSpot tips and tricks companies can use to truly optimize their experience.

Superheroes by Night, Super Marketers by Day

Part 1: Super Marketing Tips That Will Increase Engagement Across The Board

There are many reasons why we admire super heroes. They stand for truth, justice and the American way. They save good people from the evil villains that want to destroy cities, entire civilizations and have total power. Superheroes, such as members of the Justice League are strong, courageous and most importantly intelligent. They must come up with plans and strategies to destroy the villain’s plans and save innocent people everywhere. They are fearless superheroes by night, but most importantly, they are brilliant super marketers by day.

That’s right! They are real people who have families, love to party, go running, eat at PF Changs or Cheesecake Factory, play basketball, and at the end of the day unwind by watching cheesy rom-com or a good football game.

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Ad Tech Inbound Marketing

Marketing your ad tech business can be both rewarding and challenging. After all, you’re trying to reach customers who know as much about marketing as you do, which means you can’t count on some of the simple tricks other industries use to sell their products. To help you succeed, here are 4 ways to optimize your inbound marketing strategy for your ad tech solution.

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Qualifying Leads for your Sales Team: A Marketer’s Approach

If you were to ask any B2B or B2C company what it is they would like to have more of, they would more likely than not tell you sales. Who wouldn’t right? More sales means more money, and who doesn’t want more money? But in order for most companies to get more sales, they first need more leads.

Many companies depend on a steady stream of leads for their sales team to try and close in order to build revenue. Unfortunately, sometimes this setup pits the marketing and sales teams against each other in terms of what leads are ready to pass on to the sales team to close and which ones aren’t. Where the marketing team may think a lead is ready to go over, the sales team may see it differently and not find that lead ready.

As I’ve helped many companies with their marketing strategies, a key component I’ve found is that the marketing and sales teams need to be in constant communication and work together so that the sales team is getting the best possible leads and can close them more easily.

How can this be done? Well here are just a few ways the marketing team can help ensure only the best qualified leads are being sent over.

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