Content Marketing: The Connection Between Blogs and Website Traffic

How important is driving traffic to your website as a part of your content marketing campaign? More traffic is almost always good, but the specific goals you have set will determine how much you will depend on your blog to generate traffic. The more traffic you need, the more blog posts you’ll have to write each week. There is a clear connection between blogs and website traffic.

Content Marketing Without the Clutter

A cornerstone of your marketing strategy should be focused on content creation. The goal of your content creation should not be to flood your advertising channels with superfluous and unnecessary information. Catch the attention of your target market, keep the messaging short, and make it stick.

3 Tips to Take Your Content Creation to Another Level

One of the best ways to grow your community and attract new clients is by creating valuable content that spreads both your vision and your message. The biggest challenge is creating consistent content that is worthwhile. It can be overwhelming to decide where to begin and can often leave you feeling like a deer in the headlights—you end up spending all of your time racking your brain for ideas and topics to discuss. Let’s discuss three frameworks to make the content creation process enjoyable and most importantly, more effective.

Online Marketing to Target Millennials

Ask any millennial if they remember what life was like before Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and they probably will struggle to tell you. Indeed, social media, blogging, and digital content consumption have become second nature amongst the population as a whole, but perhaps most markedly, within the millennial population.

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