Use Onsite Blogging to Optimize Your Online Presence

Onsite blogging can drive a lot of traffic to your business’ site. Consumers are always looking for information that will help them decide between vendors so blogging is a great opportunity to make a positive first impression, raise your business’ profile, and close the deal. There are better and worse ways to go about it, though. Here are some things to keep in mind when building a blog:

The Benefits of an Onsite Blog

Everyone is shouting from the rooftops that content marketing is the wave of the future. Heck, we’ve done it ourselves on this very blog. But really, what are some tactics that every business can implement to help them take advantage of the content marketing trend.

Probably the easiest thing that a small business can do is have an onsite blog. Onsite blogs are essential pieces of SEO, content marketing, and inbound marketing. A smartly put together blog can increase traffic to a site by up to 300%. But what are the proper steps when creating your onsite blog?

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