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Do You Need to Spend Money on Social Media Ads? A 6 Step Evaluation

First things first: to successfully promote and grow your business online, you absolutely need to engage in social media marketing. But of course, that’s a vague topic with almost countless possibilities. Most marketers, almost immediately upon getting started, ask themselves a simple question: can I do everything I need to do for free, or do I need to spend money on social media ads?

You won’t like our short answer: it depends. The long answer, hopefully, will be a bit more enlightening. Paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks are undoubtedly valuable for your business, if the situation is right. To determine whether that is the case, consider the below a 6 step evaluation on whether you can grow your business organically on social media, or need to spend money on ads.

How Much Does Content marketing Cost

5 Unexpected Ways PPC and SEO Shape Marketing

It’s no secret that pay-per-click advertising relies on search engine optimization. Most PPC advertising goes through Google AdWords, which means you need to cater to Google’s search engine algorithm to get your ads seen by the right people. PPC marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand and focusing on both can make your campaign great. Here are just some of the ways your PPC marketing campaign is influenced by your website’s SEO.

4 Ways That SEO Is Impacted By Google’s Paid Search Ad Changes

By now you’ve probably heard that Google recently removed the sidebar ads from their SERPs. Everyone who I’ve talked to about this is worried about the potential for higher CPC’s and more competitive bidding for advertisements. While I agree with the speculation surrounding the paid search ads, I also see this change really impacting the organic search results.  

How so? Well, here are the top three ways that this change in search will shape the organic search results.

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