A B2C Strategy to Facebook Advertising

The time has come to adopt social media into your marketing strategies. We know the success LinkedIn can have for B2B companies, but for B2C, Facebook can become your bread and butter. All you need is the right knowledge to implement a successful B2C campaign that can increase your sales and potentially help you climb your corporate ladder. Don’t be the last animal to the watering hole, it’s time to step up your game, and here are the steps you can take to be king of the B2C marketing jungle.

The B2B Guide to Social Media Advertising Part 2 – Targeting

Nearly 2.1 billion people have social media accounts across the globe. Of that number, 1.6 billon have active mobile social accounts. These large figures are the main reason why social media advertising revenue is estimated to reach $8.4 billion this year.

The fact that there are billions of social media users out there is the very reason why platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have established specific targeting options within their advertising managers. There are different ways to target depending on what type of campaign you are running but in this post including focusing on just couple thousand specific people , we’ll specifically talk about campaigns that offer specific pieces of content within the B2B space.

Effective targeting is exactly how campaigns optimize spend and increase conversion rates.

When creating a custom audience or manually inputting targeting options into any given social platform, you should already have the answers to these three questions about your target market:

Online Marketing No Longer An Option

There was a time when online marketing was optional but that day is long gone. In the new millenium internet marketing is mandatory for any retailer that is hoping to keep up with the competition and grow their business.

The days of only advertising and marketing in print media or in a broadcasting medium are over. Although both are still viable means of informing the public about your business, internet marketing is growing exponentially and in many cases dwarfing old conventional means of marketing.

According to figures compiled by researcher The Kelsey Group online marketing is growing 20% every year. In a 2007 report the group estimated that online advertising would eclipse $147 billion dollars by 2012.

Online Marketing Using Images: Are They More Important Than Actual Content?

Part of online marketing for B2B businesses is promoting blogs and social media posts, though some of that has been giving way to images over straight text. While there’s been debate about whether images are going to receive more focus in online marketing over actual reading, it’s obvious text isn’t going to go away completely. Regardless, adding more images to postings is going to be a major marketing trend through the rest of this year, says Forbes.

Digital Marketing: What You Need To Know About Pay-Per-Click

Small business owners who want to harness the power of the Internet need to know about pay per click advertising. In this post, we will share the basics with you.

At its most elemental, pay per click refers to a form of advertisement in which the company advertising itself pays the website where the ad is displayed for each time the ad is clicked, and only for times the ad is clicked. There is no flat fee; an ad that generates many clicks will cost more than an ad that viewers don’t click on. Formula-wise, the most fundamental calculation goes thusly: Pay per click ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Ads clicked (#)

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