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Journey through the Center of SEO

Did you know that 40% of social marketers agree that social media marketing has become more difficult in the past year? Although marketing goods and services through social media are in its relative infancy, almost half of all marketers are having a tough time keeping up. However, in spite of the difficulty in managing a social media campaign, 89% of social marketers have noted that it has brought about exposure in ways that would otherwise not have been possible.

Today we are going to discuss why people search for things on the internet, what happens when someone enters a search query, what is the first thing a search engine does when prompted with a search, and finally, conclude with what really happens when someone enters a search request.

Avoid Over Analyzing SEO

Don’t Give into Analysis Paralysis Over Analyzing SEO

Wandering through the wilderness of available data in Google Analytics is like trying to decipher the tax code. Both contain useful data but not all of it is useful for the reasons you need. You reach a point where you start to over-think and over-plan your strategy to the point that you don’t know where to begin. For example, how many times have you sat down to write that killer blog and your brain froze? An idea was ripening but the words would not come. Similarly, with analytics, you can get so much information that you become a victim of analysis paralysis and put your strategy in a deep freeze. Let’s see if we can warm things up a bit by reviewing some fundamentals of Google Analytics.

Google Plugin Impact on SEO

Understanding Penguin’s Ongoing Impact on SEO

No, we’re not talking about those cute, flightless birds. Nor are we looking to discuss the famous Batman villain. For digital marketers looking to engage in SEO, Penguin is an integral term that impacts almost all of their decisions. And last summer, it got an upgrade.

You may think that upgrade means Penguin is going away. After all, Google announced that it would be the last update to the long-standing spam reduction machine. But in reality, the opposite is the case.

Stop SEO sign

Stop! Your SEO is Headed the Wrong Way!

A lady called her elderly husband on his way home. “Ralph, I just heard on the news that there was a car going the wrong way on the interstate, so please be careful out there”

“It’s not just one, dear; there’s hundreds of them going the wrong way!”

Are your SEO tactics keeping pace with current SEO trends or are you headed in the opposite direction? Aren’t you tired of search engines displaying your site on page 2 or page 3? Maybe you can’t even find your site displayed anywhere on any search engine. Gasp! Maybe you need better keyword selection. In an Ascend 2 report, nearly half of the respondents felt that keywords and phrases were the most important element of effective SEO tactics. Maybe your content needs to be refreshed and updated. In the same Ascend 2 survey, over 70% reported that content creation was the most important component of a strong SEO campaign.  If the last thing you posted was in reference to the 2016 American election, your site is in danger of falling behind. In fact, it has fallen behind. The pitfall of allowing your site to gather dust and cobwebs is the danger of visitors passing you by as they would a barren ghost town. The light is just barely on but it looks as if everyone inside has died, losing potential visitors. Your website may as well say “Site Under Construction.” A few SEO tools could be all you need to resurrect your site to new life. 

Essential List of DIY Marketing Materials

Digital marketing can be complex. With so many different tools, apps, platforms, channels, and integrations – finding the best solutions can be a daunting task. So we compiled a list of the easiest, cheapest, most user-friendly tools every digital marketer should be taking advantage of. You’re welcome.

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