The Digital Marketing Benefits of Media Outreach

No one would argue that producing great content is a must in the SEO and digital marketing world. If you want to improve engagement with your client’s brand, help them earn traffic to their site, and increase their search rankings, developing unique, quality content for them is absolutely essential. It’s how you get people to notice! One of the best ways to do this is through media outreach or PR. What I mean by media outreach is simply pitching stories about a client to the web’s most authoritative writers in your client’s industry, convincing them to do a write-up about the client.

When is Google Penguin 2.2 coming?

When is Google Penguin 2.2 coming?  Soon.

As I’m writing this on March 3rd 2014… Let me clarify.  VERY SOON.

The last Penguin crawl took place on October 2013.  That was almost six months ago.  The previous Penguin update before 2.1 was in May of 2013 — five months prior to 2.1.  So, I would put some hefty money down on the fact that Penguin is lurking just around the corner and is about to slam websites for their poor link quality.

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