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What does the Fox say?

Music artist, Ylvis, tried valiantly this last year to describe what the fox says. Unfortunately, he was wrong. The fox doesn’t say “ring ding ding dingly”. In fact, the fox has quite a few thoughts on digital marketing. Here at Foxtail Marketing we can tell you what the fox says.

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SEO’s Evolution


SEO isn’t dying.  I’ve read dozens of articles over the last few months declaring that SEO and Link Building are now dead or dying.  But the truth is, it’s simply evolving.  And this is a good thing.  In my opinion, SEO’s have become a lazy breed.  We found the equation to get sites ranking, then we exploited that equation.  Having come from a traditional marketing background, I can tell you that there is no equation to true marketing.  So, SEO isn’t just evolving, it’s forcing the practitioners to evolve with it.

Expert SEO tip of the day


SEO isn’t all about witchcraft and sacrifices to the Google gods.  Every once in a while, it’s just good, honest, hard work.  And one of the best tools to accomplish this hard work is Haro, or Help a Reporter Out.

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