Matt Cutts Announces that Guest Blog Posting is Dead!

I’m here to tell you that guest blogging isn’t dead. Yes, it’s dead if you were spamming blogs, using aliases, and posting on low quality sites. But guest blog posting when done the right way, is still one of the most viable ways to get links and visitors to your sites. Here are some things you need to keep in mind to keep your guest blog posting campaign alive:

3 simple tips for optimizing your website for SEO

SEO is going to be a fun ride in 2014. Last year brought us two major penguin crawls that shook the search engine landscape like an earthquake. It also introduced us to Hummingbird, an entirely new engine for Google. But your SEO optimization doesn’t have to fluctuate with each passing update.

What is Custom Content Marketing?


Custom content marketing is the new buzzword in SEO.  Google has increased the viability of content so much so, that if you don’t have a custom content strategy, you will be left in the dust.  But what is custom content?  In short, custom content is real company content.  It’s you, as the business owner, sharing your expertise with your customers.  This can be through infographics, videos, articles, and blog posts.

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