4 Website Optimization Hacks for the Average User

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Do you have a website? Do you want to know some tips on how to get your site up and running with the best potential? Here are some handy tricks I’ve picked up through the years.

It seems like everyone will at one point in their life want a website. Whether it be for a full functioning ecommerce store, a resume, a portfolio, or a for their own personal blog. These tips can help put your site in a situation to not only serve its purpose, but to not always be down with malware. I learned the hard way, so you don’t have too.

The Five Commandments of CSS

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CSS is the glue that holds websites together. It controls the way elements lay on the page, respond to smaller screens, and even the movement of elements through animation. The power of CSS has grown exponentially over the past few years, especially with the increase in mobile use and introduction of CSS3.

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How to Optimize your JavaScript Files Part 2

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If you are looking to take your website to the next level, here are some handy HTML5 tags that you can use on your JavaScript files. (You can view Optimizing your JavaScript Files Part 1 here)

Have you ever wondered how a website page is rendered? Probably not, but it is important to understand how a page is rendered in order to optimize your website. A browser uses different engines that work through the code of a web page in order to display what you see. The first and most important is the DOM (Document Object Model) engine that creates the platform for all the HTML.


Increasing Your Website Page Speed – JavaScript Part 1

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Are you using any “drag and drop” functionality on your website? Does your website depend your plugins, add-ons, apps, in order to display its content? If so, you may be losing money.

One of the most powerful languages in the web today is JavaScript. There are currently hundreds of JavaScript libraries that help websites perform the functionality needed. For example, one of the most popular languages is JQuery.

The power of JavaScript can be addicting to some web developers and website owners. It is exciting to insert HTML, create animations, or have eye catching pop-ups, however these come at a cost. Sometimes when using JavaScript, you can overcomplicate your website, taking away a website’s natural ability to display information to a user. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using JavaScript on a website.

How to Increase Your Website Page Speed – CSS Files

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Lately I’ve noticed more and more problems with websites loading slowly. There are many different variables that affect the page load time, one is the use of CSS on a website. Particularly with SEO impact, pages that are taking a while to load are messing with how Google is rendering and indexing the site. The answer is not necessarily to have a basic site, actually sites that are more visually appealing have better conversion rates.

So the question is, how do you have a visually appealing website while not causing SEO issues?

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