Essential List of DIY Marketing Materials

Digital marketing can be complex. With so many different tools, apps, platforms, channels, and integrations – finding the best solutions can be a daunting task. So we compiled a list of the easiest, cheapest, most user-friendly tools every digital marketer should be taking advantage of. You’re welcome.

8 Winning Tips to Get You Pumped Up to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Goal setting is a key ingredient to the marketer’s journey. Regardless of whether you’re a start-up brand or a seasoned business owner, there are always objectives to meet and aims to reach towards growing your company.

Yet, how often have you set goals only to have them drift to the wayside? Perhaps the goal was too overwhelming that we didn’t do proper planning or invest in the right resources to bring them to fruition. Maybe it wasn’t motivating or compelling enough to drive us out of bed each morning to get it done.

You see, although we may understand the importance of setting goals to achieve a specific result, the challenge comes in execution and making them reality. Our goals are far too important to be neglected and the success of our business lies in creating them and ensuring they manifest.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get you pumped about achieving your goals.  Here are eight tips to get you on the winning path and excited about your entrepreneurial future!

inbound marketing

13 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies that Drives Growth

In 2017, we can agree that inbound marketing is the best way to do business online when marketing your brand.

More consumers are engaging with companies through social media posts, blog content, email, and online video today than ever before. Compelling statistics continue to prove that inbound marketing tactics draws website visitors, produces more leads, and improves customer retention rates. In fact, organizations that embrace the inbound way are four times as likely to be effective (Source: Hubspot).

To be successful in inbound marketing, however, it’s important that your brand focuses on all the key parts that makes this strategy fully functional. Versus just tending to top-of-the-funnel strategies (i.e. like social media, paid ads) and trying to get the sale, the ultimate goal is to nurture your prospects and customers through a strategic process to becoming loyal fans of your brand.

In this guide, we’ll review the four major components of inbound marketing and share effective inbound marketing strategies that will bolster your plan, essentially driving growth in your business.

Social Media Strategy

4 Strong Ways to Increase Loyal Social Media Followers

One important metric to social media marketing is your follower count. You see, the more loyal followers you have that are engaged with your content and brand, the better opportunities you have in achieving favorable outcomes with your content (i.e. shares, website visitors, leads, and sales). Therefore, growing your followers should be ongoing goal and is certainly an important piece to bolstering your social strategy.

We’ve compiled a list of four surefire ways to boosting your social media followers on any network to increase brand awareness, influence, and marketing results. Use this guide to enhance your current plan to make the most of your social media marketing.

Content Marketing Notebook

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Current or Outdated? Here’s How You Can Check

One unfortunate aspect of content marketing is that strategies age faster than one might expect. Moreover, outdated strategies don’t really help businesses achieve their goals, since they’re inefficient at converting leads and attracting new users from your target audience.

Therefore, keeping your content marketing strategy up-to-date is absolutely essential. To know where you currently stand, ask yourself these questions:

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