7 Ways to Make Lightning Strike When Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a term I first heard  in elementary school. I’ve always thought it was such a great visual-  a cloud full of ideas in your head with occasional flashes of brilliant lightning. Even to this day, when I get a great idea, it feels like a bolt of lightning, a flash of genius that has the potential to spark other ideas.

But even with such evocative imagery, brainstorming can be one of the most difficult, time consuming, and rewarding parts of content marketing. Sometimes the ideas seem to come on like a summer storm – they come out of nowhere and light up your mind with flash after flash. But it seems that more often than not, brainstorming sessions end with a mere drizzle of effective, but not brilliant ideas. By utilizing these tips  you can easily get lightning to strike, making content creation easier and more enjoyable.

Getting Inside Their Heads: Using Buyer Personas & Customer Journey Mapping as a Tactical Framework for Learning about Your Customers [Part 3]

Creating buyer personas should form a critical piece of your digital marketing strategy, and is essential to understanding your clients’ target buyers; however, it is merely part of the process you and your organization must implement in order to really get inside the heads of your clients’ customers.

The other critical part is understanding a buyer’s journey through the various stages of your clients’ sales process.

Getting Inside Their Heads: Using Buyer Personas & Customer Journey Mapping as a Tactical Framework for Learning about Your Customers [Part 2]

Welcome back for Part 2 of the Getting Inside Their Heads series.

Now that you know what a buyer persona is, you need to understand the science behind creating them for clients’ customers.

Creating buyer personas is somewhat scientific in nature because it involves lots of research.

While many people’s first thought in creating a buyer persona is to simply create hypothetical customer personalities based on their target audience, these will ultimately get you nowhere.

A target audience is much different than a target buyer. Your target audience may refer to key demographics like location, age range,  gender, and occupation type; however, your target buyer will include these characteristics and even more specific criteria.

So what’s the scientific method to crafting the ultimate buyer personas?

Becoming A Local SEO Expert For Multiple Locations

When an organization expands its reach to multiple locations and states, executing a local SEO strategy becomes just as important as any other promotional marketing.  Between the ever changing mobile landscape and google’s local search algorithm dubbed Pigeon, it can be difficult to know exactly what strategies your business needs to implement in order to stand out in Google’s local search results. In fact, I’ve seen organizations either thrive or die by their execution of this increasingly important strategy. But fear no more! This guide will show you some of the best resources and tactics to take your local SEO from a mule to a unicorn.

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