18 Industries that Should “Catch ’em All” with Pokémon GO

Using Pokémon GO as a way to bring more people into your business has been a hot topic in the marketing channels. Our very own CEO published such an article of Pokémon GO tactics on Forbes just the other day. Just wandering around chasing my own Pokémon Master dreams I’ve seen hundreds of people in and around businesses that they never would have been to otherwise.

There is undoubtedly a TON of potential for using Pokémon GO for marketing purposes. Here are 18 types of businesses that should absolutely be making the most of this opportunity.

Take your Listicles to the next level with these 11 tips

There are many trends in search engine optimization, but the biggest trend is the listicle. Listicles emerged on popular sites like Buzzfeed and Cracked around four years ago, and the listicle has since changed the way we consume content. Listicles are addictingly easy to consume, and can push your website to the next level. To take your listicles to the next level, you should follow these vital tips.

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Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in 4 Steps

When you first start promoting yourself on social media, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Most social media networks never sleep, so there is pressure to maintain a constant online presence. Unless you have a large social media team by your side, this is a next to impossible task. If you want to start getting the most out of your social media marketing campaign, use these three tips to help you simplify and step up your game at the same time.

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