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Company Info Now Displaying In Google SERPs

Using The Knowledge Graph To Update Your Companies Information

Marketing Land recently put out an article describing how to edit your information in the knowledge graph. This is great news for companies and marketers alike, because it gives “company representatives” the opportunity to edit and display the information that they feel is most important to their brand.

After looking into this further, we discovered that Google seems to be looking to expand where this and other data is being utilized within the Google SERPS. Now, this isn’t a wholly new feature as Barry Schwartz did announce the testing of this feature a little while back on Search Engine Roundtable, but it does appear that the feature is now out of testing and is live in the core algorithm for almost every SERP. Below is an example of how Google may be using this information in the future to help their users get a better understanding of how and why this information is being displayed.

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How Thought Leadership can Change your Marketing Strategy

Every business on the face of the planet has a marketing strategy. Whether this marketing strategy is actually doing its job is another question, but at least one exists. For those looking for new ways to improve their marketing strategy, one idea to consider is thought leadership marketing.

With thought leadership marketing, data is analyzed and ideas pondered until leaders are able to find ways to maximize their marketing strategies. Instead of simply delving into the world of content marketing, inbound marketing or SEO, for example, these leaders live in this world. Taking some plays from their books will help us all become better thought leaders and ultimately better marketers.

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The Thought Leadership Train is Leaving the Station: How you can get on it Today

There’s an old saying. “Leaders are made…not born!” This concept has definitely sparked some debate in its time, but there is definitely some truth to it. Think back to all the leaders you have come in contact with over your life. Are these people who have simply been thrust into leadership roles, or are they those who strive for excellence?

Chances are, you have come in contact with quite a few of these types of leaders. The people who take on challenges that no one else is willing to tackle. Those who know exactly when to do something and how it will affect the world around them.

From the outside, it may seem as though these people simply have something that you don’t. However, there are some things you can do to put yourself in the same position. This is what becoming a thought leader is all about. Here are some tips to get you started becoming the thought leader you were meant to be today.

Thought leadership

3 Styles of Thought Leadership: Quantity, Originality and Trendsetting

Just as real life leaders have leadership styles, so do thought leaders. According to this article from Entrepreneur, there are four types of leaders in Game of Thrones: the surreptitious, self-serving leader embodied by Cersei Lannister, the naïve leader with all the best intentions, embodied by Daenerys Targaryen, the leader who’s not so great with people, embodied by Stannis Baratheon and the young leader who inspires engagement embodied by Jon Snow.

Since Jon Snow is now dead, killed by his own men at the wall, we may question this writer’s analysis! However, there is something to be said for the idea that each leader has different characteristics. They may all have one thing in common i.e., leading people, however they each do so in different ways. And when it comes to thought leadership as well, you can adopt different styles, depending on what you prefer and what works for you and your audience. Here are a few ideas:

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How the Science of Nostalgia Can Improve Your Content Marketing

Nostalgia has become the currency of pop culture, especially the film industry. Hollywood hardly dares make a movie now unless it is a reboot of something old, established, and already impregnated with an eager fan base.

For all this resurgence of nostalgia, the marketing world has yet to tap the full extent of this vein. It is a science — an increasingly respected part of our psychological makeup — and more marketers and businesses should take it just as seriously as they do the science of “going viral” or other trendy marketing topics.

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