Content Creation: Is It Time to Let Someone Else Do the Writing?

Content Marketing BlogAs a website owner, you might handle as much of your content creation as possible. There might be multiple reasons why you do so — you might enjoy writing about your industry, you might want to establish yourself as an expert in your field or you might simply want to save money by creating the content yourself instead of hiring someone else.

There is certainly nothing wrong with crafting your own blog posts and otherwise creating your own content — it helps you be more involved in your website and its online marketing and can actually be a lot of fun. However, there are some situations in which it might be a better idea to bring in an outside party to help you. You can always hire writers to write for you every week or to write for you temporarily, or you can look into taking on guest posts from others in the industry. These are a few signs that it might be time to let someone else do the writing for a little while.

You Don’t Have Time to Do It

One of the more common problems for professionals like you is that people often let their blogs go — without even meaning to — because they are too busy to keep them constantly updated. You probably stay really busy with running your company and handling all of your other responsibilities, and it can be easy to let writing a blog post fall to the wayside. Hours of procrastination can turn into days, which can turn into weeks. The next thing that you know, you are looking at a blog that hasn’t been updated in forever.

Even though it’s certainly understandable that you might not have time to post on your blog regularly, you should know that failing to update your blog and post regular content can have negative effects. Once people realize that you aren’t posting new content anymore, they just might stop coming to your blog at all. Plus, you won’t be able to take advantage of the SEO aspects of content creation, and you could be missing out on events, holidays and current events that would make great blog posts.

If you have a few people to help you with your writing — even if it’s only every now and then — you can pass the job to someone else when you’re too busy to write for your blog. Then, you’ll know that your blog isn’t being neglected, no matter how busy you are.

You’re Running Out of Ideas

On the day that you decided to create your blog, you might have felt as if you would never run out of ideas. It might have seemed like you had endless possibilities of blog post topics, and you might have looked forward to turning all of these ideas into content for your business.

Now that you have been posting on your blog for a while, however, you might have found that blogging is becoming a bit boring, and you might be running out of ideas. It can be exhausting to try to come up with good ideas all the time, but your blog will suffer if your creativity levels are running low and all of your blog posts are about the same things, over and over again.

Letting someone else write your posts for a while can help you spice up your blog and add a little bit of creativity back into the posts. Plus, once you see  the direction that others have taken your blog posts to, you might find that you are more inspired than ever.

You Haven’t Been Getting a Strong Response

If you are tracking your numbers and see that people have been visiting your blog and reading your blog posts, you might be wondering why you aren’t getting any comments, social media shares or other responses. Although it’s certainly to be expected not to have much of a response in the beginning, you might have assumed that you would have had one by now.

The truth is that you might not be writing to your audience the right way. It can take some skill and practice to get accustomed to writing to an online audience; even if you’re great at writing, your writing might not be the best for the internet. For example, you have to make sure that you break things up with subheadings and that you make it easy for people to scan your words when you’re writing for the internet, which might not be something that you are used to.

If you aren’t getting the response that you wanted to get from your online audience, it might be time to do something different for a while. Hiring an online writing team to help you is a good way to try a few different methods to reach your audience. You might get more of a response with blog posts that are written in a different tone or a different way. Once you get that response, you’ll have an idea of how to write your own blog posts in the future. Plus, you will have gotten the attention of your readers, which can help with future engagement.

You might have never thought that you would pass on your blog writing responsibilities to someone else, but there are some cases in which it’s a good idea to do so.

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