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LinkedIn Advertising - Foxtail MarketingBy now, you’ve probably figured out that content creation is one of the most important things to a marketer. This content needs to have spunk, needs to catch the attention of the reader, and (most importantly) sell. But, not everyone is great at creating content. In fact, many businesses struggle with this concept altogether.

So, what do you do if you fall into this category? You try a few tricks out to save the day. We’ve gathered up a few awesome ones to make your day and help get your content working for you instead of against you.

Tip #1: Guest Blogs

Let’s say you aren’t the best at writing. In fact, you hate the thought of trying to come up with something to throw on your website. You’re in luck. While you may not be good at writing, there are plenty of people out there who are. Use this to your advantage. Instead of writing something yourself, find someone to write a guest blog instead.

There are a couple of reasons why guest blogs work out. First, they create something interesting that you might not have thought of before. Plus, you will have the opportunity to showcase your business to the fans of whoever is writing your blog post. It’s also a benefit for the guest blogger for this purpose.

But, when you do go this route, make sure the guest blogger has fans and followers that would relate to your industry. Otherwise, you won’t see much value from the blog other than having something to put out on your website.

Tip #2: Leave yourself Out of It

Of course, you are writing content to promote your business. But, people don’t tend to interact with content posts that are trying to sell them something. Instead, they look for things that will bring value to their lives. Remember, we are all pretty selfish by nature, including your readers. This means, while you may be looking to create content that will benefit you, they will be looking for content that will benefit them.

So how does everyone get what they want? Start by thinking and devoting your time to your reader. Think about the ways you can make their lives better by the things you put on a page. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to completely keep yourself out of it. Promoting your products to go along with what you are talking about is fine. Just make sure you do it strategically and in moderation.

Tip #3: Size Doesn’t Necessarily Matter

If you were to go to any research site regarding the size of posts, you would find that longer posts typically tend to get more traffic than the shorter ones. This is probably because people have short attention spans and limited time. They use this time to find an article they want to read and then turn their attention to it. They really don’t want to spend this much effort on something they can breeze through in less than thirty seconds.

Yes, longer posts can give you more traffic. But there are some things to be careful about. For starters, your post doesn’t need to just be long. Instead, it needs to be valuable. Creating a shorter, more valuable post, is much better than creating a post that is filled with fluff and filler content. This type of post doesn’t give your reader much value. Essentially, it winds up wasting their time because they must traipse through it digging the content they really want out and leaving the rest behind.

So, while longer posts are great, forget about trying to make your posts a certain length. Instead, focus on the actual content you are creating.

Tip #4: Know what’s Going On

There is always something going on around the world. You notice these things, your readers notice these things and you are expected to respond to them. Just about every situation that is created around the world deserves a response in some way or another.

When breaking news occurs, make sure you are prepared to react to it. Develop a plan today that revolves around creating content related to the things going on in the world. This can be the difference between being outpaced by the competition and soaring ahead to the finish line.

Tip #5: Timing is Everything

Finally, just creating the content isn’t enough. You also need to know when the best time to release the content is. For example, do your readers typically browse the internet while they are drinking their morning coffee, or do they wait until lunchtime? Perhaps, they are the readers who prefer to flip through Facebook while lying in bed at night.

Regardless of what you are posting, it has a certain audience it is speaking to. You aren’t going to find these people online twenty-four hours a day. Remember, they have other things they do with their time other than just read your posts. So, know when they are reading and post during those high traffic times. This will help you get the most benefit out of your content.

When you are creating content, one thing you never want to do is get stuck in a rut. Make sure you are spicing things up now and then just to keep things exciting. Also, stretch your ideas as far as you can to see what other avenues you can take things. Following this advice is one of the best ways you can ensure that you are getting what you want from your content creation strategy and that your readers are enjoying it at the same time.

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