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SaaS companies face challenges that are unique to their industries when it comes to content marketing. First off, you’re going up against a lot of competitors who are using some very aggressive sales tactics. Thus, you might be tempted to shortcut your content marketing and push your prospects into the sales funnel. But this can be crippling for your lead flow down the road. Instead, we show you how to build a scalable content marketing campaign that will produce immediate leads now, and also enable you to have a solid lead flow for future months.

Before you start a content marketing campaign for your SaaS company, you’re going to want to identify your buyer personas, customer journey, lifetime value, and sales cycle. This data will enable you to create the proper content, deploy it when necessary, and ensure that your content marketing campaign is providing you with a positive ROI.

Here are some typical questions we get from our clients regarding content marketing for SaaS companies:

  • Q – What types of content do you recommend for a SaaS company?
  • A – It can vary based on your goals, but some of the best types of content for SaaS are webinars, blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts. Not only do we work with you on creating the content, but we’ll also deploy it for the purpose of lead generation.
  • Q – What ways do you utilize the content that is created?
  • A – We leverage social media heavily for promotion. But we also optimize everything for SEO purposes. In addition, email marketing plays a massive role in getting your content into your target audience’s hands.

If you’re willing to put in the time to create content, promote the content, and properly nurture your clients, then you WILL be successful with your SaaS content marketing. But if you’re looking for shortcuts to fast lead gen, then we’re probably not the agency for you.

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We’re a results-driven agency. This means we’re not going to ask you to trust us while we go off and spend months producing content and forget about your goals. No. Instead we work with you on setting goals that have real results on your bottom line. Meaning, while keyword rankings are important, they don’t tell the whole story. Instead, we want to focus on leads generated, customers created, and revenue produced. These are numbers everyone can agree on. And while it might take some time to hit them, we ALWAYS hit them.

Take some time to review our site, read some of our reviews, and then lets have a conversation about your content marketing needs.

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