Conversion Optimization Strategies for LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Advertising - Foxtail MarketingLinkedIn isn’t just a site for finding a job or employees, you can also use it to market your business if you’re creative enough. According to a recent study, LinkedIn had one of the best conversion rates from visitor to lead of all of the social media websites. It’s also the case that more than 90% of leads potentially ending in sales for social media came from LinkedIn. So, for those who are thinking about using LinkedIn for promoting their brand, here are a few ways to increase your conversion optimization for LinkedIn promotions.

Schedule Ad Changes

When running a campaign, it helps to come up with more than just one banner ad. Previous businesses marketing through LinkedIn found that this helped them get around common issues such as banner blindness, where people see a banner ad so many times that they no longer really see it anymore.

Rotating ads on a regular basis also has the advantage of making it so that you can compare which ones are doing the best by checking statistics for the run of each ad. This way you can keep pushing that conversion rate up. We’ve all been trained to blank out repeating content on the Internet, this is why if you only use one banner ad, this could be seriously cutting into your leads and conversion rate. You’d be surprised how quickly it all turns around if you add more banners and rotate them regularly.

Use Onboard Email Tools

LinkedIn has the InMail tool that lets you send messages to those that aren’t already connected to you. It will help your conversion rate for changing followers and hits into leads by directly messaging some of the biggest movers and shakers in your field. This includes sales directors or Vice Presidents for companies that have hundreds of employees. This is actually a great way to up your conversion rate and get not just hits, but leads.

Mix Sponsored and Non-sponsored Updates

Readers will often be on their guard if you post nothing but sponsored content through LinkedIn all the time. It’s often more effective to switch back and forth. It helps to add some regular useful content at the same time. This is a proven method for garnering many followers and leads for a minimal amount of input and resources on your part.

Don’t Forget Pulse

Pulse is the publishing platform for LinkedIn. It’s been available for all users for going on two years now. You may or may not have noticed that there’s a “publish a post” button on the home page of your LinkedIn account. This will publish the article you write on the site for Pulse, which could garner you a lot of targeted leads.

Clickable Images and Slider

You can get this trick to work but clicking on the “Services” section of your business page. This area has a slider that shows three different options for viewers checking out your page. The key here is that the images you put on the page are all clickable. So you can actually set up their different landing pages this way if you want.  It’s also possible to put an obvious call to action button on the page if you want. This type of intuitive offering through LinkedIn will help you get more leads than you would otherwise.

Link Videos

Perhaps because of the nature of the site, it’s easy to forget that you can add videos  to the site as well, and these can often have a high impact on conversion. There’s just something about being able to see a product or service demonstrated out that has a high impact on viewers in a number of different studies on the subject.

Try Sponsored Updates

Studies have shown that sponsored updates often have a greater impact on people’s engagement with content on LinkedIn than the same content when filtered through an ad. Some report results that are nearly twice as effective. This is because the “sponsored” text is relatively small and a lot of people often just completely miss the fact that it’s not regular content. The internet has trained consumers to be automatically wary of anything that seems like an advertisement.

The more you can make the post seem like it’s not an overt ad, without using subterfuge, the more your engagement will be positive on the ad, and the more that your conversion rate will go up. People will be more likely to engage with your content more naturally then, and seriously consider whatever service or product you are offering from your brand since this will seem more like their own decision.

Focus on Questions and ROI in Sales Content

It’s common to think that the call to action part of a pitch is the most important part. Obviously, this is an essential part of the content, but a more important part is where you ask questions. Pitching your questions perfectly is what’s going to convince a viewer to become a lead and then a customer. You have to focus on a “pain point” that they are experiencing, and lead with your questions to make it clear that logic points right at your product for fixing this point.

Especially in cases where you are targeting other business owners, which is certainly going to be common on LinkedIn, you have to demonstrate how the customer is going to get a return on their investment. LinkedIn viewers are savvy and they will get this if you present it to them.

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