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Google+ occupies an interesting position in social media since it’s backed by one of the most powerful companies in America, if not the world, but it’s still a bit behind many other frontrunner social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. What this means from a marketing perspective, however, is that the site has almost no ceiling in how high it can grow. It also means that since it’s coming from Google which already has a wide market penetration across many demographics, that it should be easier to prop up your conversion rate than it would be from many other sites. Here are some ways you can work on yourconversion optimization game from your Google+ account.

Don’t Forget the Custom URL

The URL for your site actually does matter because it’s going to make it more likely that searchers more suited for the call to action from your site will end up there. Most sites have a long URL that’s not especially optimized and that has little to do with your site directly. Many traditional URLs also have the problem of being highly unwieldy and not too nice to look at in general. If you claim a Google+ business page, you can also get a custom URL that helps resolve this issue and give you a leg up on the competition. You’ll also want to claim authorship on the page if possible as well. You can do this through the custom URL builderavailable directly from Google.

Hangouts on Air

If you broadcast through this service you’ll have the advantage of getting a good way to connect with potential customers live without having to worry about webinars since these can be expensive. This will obviously vary in usefulness based on what kind of service you’re offering, but it can be effective in the right industry. It especially helps if you have a service or instructional company since this will synergize well with what you’re doing anyway.

Use New Google Tracking Abilities

You can now track traffic referred from social media sources directly in Google Analytics. This would include Google Plus traffic, of course. In Google Analytics, you just click on the “Traffic Sources” link with the blue arrows, and then you click where it says “social.” After that, you click where it says “Overview” to gain access to social media specific traffic statistics. This way, you can see exactly how many visits you got for your site from Google+. This is an excellent way to check your progress for conversion directly through Google Analytics if this is something that you use.

There will also be plenty of other social network sites listed there as well, of course. You can compare how the different sites are working in order to get a sense of where you need to concentrate efforts. If Google+ is far down the list, then it may be time to focus more on Google+ and less on other sites since you often end up with a greater benefit from Google+ due to the fact that it’s controlled by Google and this will have a more direct effect on your search results. There are few services with a higher influence over your potential hits and marketing game than Google itself, after all.

Use Google Helpouts for the Best Leads

This is a new service through Google+ that lets you answer people who are looking for help through video. If you do a few of these, you can really increase interaction and make it much more likely people will actually act in turn in whatever way you need them to, such as perusing and purchasing your products or services. The service will even index you and increase the use you get out of the site if you do enough of them and help enough people.

Check Click Rates

Services such as or Buffer can help you to understand how your social media efforts on Google+ and elsewhere are doing in order to find approaches to improve them. You’ll get data about clicks per post this way. This way, you can narrow down which posts are actually creating engagement with your message directly instead of only monitoring how the post did within the Google+ site itself.

Integrate Google +1 Button to Your Site

This may seem like a minor or even unnecessary thing to do, but it actually has a huge effect on your site. You should also embed posts into your blog as well. Google really does pay attention to this kind of thing and it will affect your score on Google which will lead to greater exposure on clicks for putting up your conversion rate.

Focus on Badges

You can add a badge on the sidebar of your page that links the Google+ profile you have to your website. This makes it easier for those interested in your product or service to find you on Google+. People who can find you easily will be more inclined to buy your service or product.

The advantage with Google+ is that since it’s owned by Google, you get a ton of benefits that other social media users don’t get. For example, Google has made it so that their Google+ users end up way ahead in search results on Google pages. As a result, you’ll end up ahead of your competitors just by using the social media site. You get a benefit simply for doing that much.

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