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Email Marketing consistently produces the highest ROI of any digital marketing medium.

In today’s marketing landscape, with so much emphasis placed on social media and viral posts, it might seem like email is passé. It’s not. If anything, email marketing is even more important than it used to be.

Smartphones have a great deal to do with email’s continued resurgence. Nearly half of all emails are opened on phones or tablets, with a whopping 25 percent of emails being opened up on iPhones. Furthermore, more than 90 percent of individuals who receive commercial business email communications check their email daily. Of course, email is a sweet deal for businesses as well—the Direct Marketing Association states that the rate of return on email marketing is more than 4,000 percent.

There’s a major difference between the spam emails we’ve all come to despise and real email marketing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. But if an honest email marketing attempt comes across as spam, it’s a sign that the marketer isn’t utilizing email marketing to its true potential. True email marketing never comes across as anything less than what it actually is.

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Core Principles of Email marketing

Relevant, Valuable, Personalized. 

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Getting Started with Email Marketing

The most important thing to remember about email marketing is that it’s not a stand-alone tactic. Email marketing is best used as just one part of a well-oiled machine. The one-on-one conversation that email marketing facilitates is precious; you have to earn your consumers trust by executing the rest of your marketing strategy extremely well.

Acquiring Email Addresses
The most difficult part of email marketing is acquiring email addresses. Now, anyone can buy a list of email addresses and blast them, but that won’t get you anywhere. You’ll have to build your email address list the old-fashioned way: give people enough valuable content so they willingly provide their email address. Your best bet is to pick up the email addresses of the people who express interest in what you have to offer—whether it’s a sign-up table at a convention or a form on the side of your blog—this way, you’re not wasting your time marketing to people who won’t become customers.

Using Your List
As you accumulate email addresses, you should stay in touch with your customers whenever you have something relevant to send. That is to say, don’t devalue your emails by sending them too frequently. Quantity beats quality in this case. If all of your emails are informative, they’ll be opened every time.

Optimizing for Mobile Devices
All emails should be optimized for mobile devices. Although 48 percent of emails are opened on smartphones or tablets, only 11 percent of those emails are optimized for those devices. It’s a major missed opportunity, and it’s something that drives email users nuts. Email marketing is like any other type of marketing—catering to your audience’s needs goes a long way.

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Automated Email Marketing

Taking advantage of automation in email marketing is a great idea for any business. Automation doesn’t mean impersonal, robotic emails. Instead, it enables you to reach all of your customers in a unique way, regardless of where they lie on the sales funnel. It saves time, and increased conversion rates will offset the costs of the automation software.

Here are just some of the things that are possible with email marketing automation:

  • Lead nurturing based on lead scoring, which is done by the software
  • Automatic emails based on specific browsing activities on your website
  • Thank you emails to your most valuable customers
  • “We miss you” emails to customers who haven’t visited in a long time


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