Essential Content Marketing Strategies to Create Brand Awareness and Drive Traffic to your Business

Content MarketingA low-cost and effective way to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your business is through content marketing. This type of marketing is where you create and distribute content that is relevant to your target audiences’ interests to acquire, attract and engage them.

Why Content Marketing is Important

According to a 2013 Survey conducted through the CMI or Content Marketing Institute, 54% of business to business or B2B companies plan to increase spending for this type of marketing; 86% for business to consumer or B2C. It is now a valuable resource that businesses feel worth investing in and learning more about.

How to Implement Content Marketing Effectively in your Business Strategy

Choose and Measure your Content

Spend your time on projects that will provide the most value. During each stage, it is important to first determine which particular content pieces will cater most to the current needs of your audience. You can begin with your existing content and map it out to specific persona’s throughout the sales cycle; prioritizing subjects to fill in gaps. Then you can measure the performance of your content pieces, revamp those that are not producing and better promote the ones that are.

Keep the Next Generation in Mind

Although your content might be successful now, you will still need to scale your efforts and leverage your content to full potential. Integrate different strategies that combine various practices like social media, blogging, SEO, lead nurturing, email marketing and marketing automation.

Concise Conversion Goals

Once you have determined your target audience, what interests them and your key steps along the buyers’ journey, you now need to determine the actions you want your audience to take as a result of engaging with your content. Every action taken is considered a conversion. If your primary goal is to turn viewers into paying customers, you should create a content strategy that is made up of a smaller set of conversion goals to help ease the buyer down a course of actions. These smaller goals will not only guide your prospects to where you want them to go, but will also help to measure and track how your content is performing along the way.

Be Consistent

People like consistency without too many surprises. Although you might think your viewers like a fresh approach, changing too often can hurt user engagement. You need to be consistent not only in your actions, but in your voice and tone as well. Having multiple personalities and jumping around a lot can become too unpredictable and confusing to your audience. The ideal content marketing strategy will involve a system that is repeatable and will influence the creation and publishing of your content. This includes how frequently you post too. Staying in front of your audience is essential, however, you don’t want to be overwhelming either.

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