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Everyone loves lists.  It’s a fact.  Readers love to be able to sit down and read and absorb as much information as possible in a short amount of time.  Perhaps this is due to the Twittering (my own word) of our society.  It seems that everything must be quick and easy to digest, otherwise it just gets left alone.

But what about lists makes them so popular?  They give the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible method.  Readers can find out what the 10 best restaurants are without needing to do their own research.  So, how do you use this for your own success?  You write articles and blogs that contain lists.  In fact, if you look back at our blog, you’ll find quite a few lists that we’ve written.  And those pieces always seem to get the most traffic.

There is a bit of a list craze going on right now.  It does seem like every other story on CNN or on Forbes is “the top 10 this” or “the top 10 that”.  But the reason they’re still being published is because people are still reading them.  So, maybe one day our fascination with lists will dissipate.  But for now, they’re going strong.  So, you should take advantage of the situation.

Some easy ways to do this are: (careful, here comes a list)

  • Write a blog post containing a list then share it on social media
  • Ask your social media followers to help build a list with their responses
  • Write an article that contains a list and get it published on an article site
  • Have your Twitter followers create lists with you with their tweets and using a custom #
  • Make a quick animated video that contains a list
  • Create an infographic that contains a list

These are just a few of the ways you can optimize list building for your SEO needs.

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